Suggestion to use a mask from a specialist so that the skin does not wear out

{Beauty} Specialist Gülcan Göksu defined the right use of masks and what procedures must be accomplished on skin that has been worn with mask use.

The combat towards the coronavirus (Covid-19), which first appeared in Wuhan, China in December 2019, has been happening for a yr and a half. Certainly one of the only strategies of combating the virus was the use of masks. In our nation, in September of final yr, the use of masks was made obligatory all through the nation to scale back the unfold of the virus. Though it supplies safety towards the virus, the use of masks has introduced new issues. Certainly one of these issues was that the skin, which remained closed all day, might not breathe and was broken. Zits, pimples, and so on. with the use of masks. There was a rise in the variety of folks experiencing issues. As such, these folks took their breath away in magnificence and skin care facilities. Beautician Gülcan Göksu said that the purpose behind all these issues is the fallacious use of masks somewhat than the use of masks. Göksu stated that the fallacious use of masks causes critical harm to the skin, and defined how to stop this harm and what procedures must be utilized to worn skin for that reason.

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Cosmetologist Gülcan Göksu stated that the fallacious use of the mask damages the skin. “Hopefully, the pandemic interval will finish quickly and we’ll eliminate these masks. Sadly, after the masks are eliminated, the issues below our skin can even come up. In accordance to my observations, there are individuals who use a mask for days. That is very fallacious, it causes critical harm to our skin. We want to change our mask a number of instances a day, I am not saying as soon as a day, we positively want to change it a number of instances. Let’s use a moisturizer throughout this era. As a result of moisturizing is excellent for our skin. If we utilized moisturizer to our face earlier than placing on the mask, let’s not use the mask instantly after making use of it. This additionally damages the skin. As a result of when a mask is placed on a closed skin, the pores of the skin are utterly closed with the impact of evaporation, which prevents the skin from respiration. Subsequently, a mask must be worn one hour after making use of the moisturizer. stated.

Stating that washable masks may cause extra critical issues due to not being cleaned correctly, Göksu stated, “We normally use surgical masks. An excessive amount of evaporation happens in these masks, too. So let’s change these masks particularly usually. They use washable masks a lot, however I do not suggest them a lot. It’s vital to wash these masks with cleaning soap powder, however not everybody makes use of it. When detergents are aromatic and coloured, particularly cleaning soap, the odor of detergent permeates the mask. Detergent additionally damages the skin. In regular life, let’s keep away from scented and coloured soaps whereas washing our skin and face. he stated.

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