Stomach protective drugs affect bone health

Though usually thought of protected, acid-suppressing drugs can result in decreased bone density and fractures, intestinal and lung infections, magnesium and vitamin B12 deficiencies in excessive doses and use for greater than 1 yr. Assoc. Dr. Bülent Yaşar shared necessary data on the topic.


Assoc. Dr. Yaşar said that the principle impact of drugs generally known as ‘abdomen protector’ within the society is to cut back the manufacturing of abdomen acid. “Nonetheless, abdomen acid isn’t as dangerous because it appears. It’s needed for the digestion of proteins and the absorption of sure drugs reminiscent of iron, calcium, vitamin B12 and thyroid hormone by the physique. As well as, abdomen acid prevents ingested microorganisms from reaching the intestines and multiplying and intestinal infections that will develop on this manner. he mentioned.

Stating that proton pump inhibitors, generally known as acid suppressors, have been in use for the reason that 80s, Assoc. Dr. Yasar, “These are drug teams which are used ceaselessly, pointless and long-term on this planet and in our nation. Completely different research have revealed that 25 to 70 p.c of sufferers use this group of drugs unnecessarily. The definition of those drugs as ‘abdomen protectors’ in our nation is the principle cause for this pointless use. All sufferers who use drugs on account of continual ailments reminiscent of diabetes, blood stress and coronary heart additionally use protective abdomen drugs. Efforts to cut back gastric acid for protective functions throughout these remedies aren’t an accurate and needed strategy, and should trigger totally different issues in the long run. It’s a state of affairs that we ceaselessly encounter, particularly in sufferers who’re outlined as ‘dyspepsia’ and who even have complaints associated to emphasize, diet and way of life, utilizing common abdomen drugs for years regardless of not getting a response.” mentioned.

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Stomach protective drugs affect bone health #2


Assoc. Dr. Yaşar identified that long-term use of acid-suppressing drugs causes many issues and gave the next data: “Though usually thought of protected, acid-suppressing drugs can result in decreased bone density and fractures, intestinal and lung infections, magnesium and vitamin B12 deficiencies in high-dose use for longer than 1 yr. Subsequently, short-term and low-dose use must be most popular. It’s enough to make use of acid-suppressing drugs with antibiotic remedy for 4-8 weeks within the remedy of reflux illness, gastritis and ulcer, and for 14 days within the remedy of Helicobacter pylori.”

Noting that there are some distinctive instances, nonetheless, Assoc. Dr. Yasar, “These with extreme esophageal harm on account of reflux and ‘Barrett’ mobile adjustments can use these drugs for long-term beneath the supervision of a doctor. Likewise, those that obtain remedy for esophageal strictures; Particular affected person teams who’re aged, have extra ailments and have a historical past of ulcer bleeding or perforation and have to make use of painkillers, aspirin and blood thinners for a very long time also can use abdomen drugs for a very long time with the advice and follow-up of the doctor. he ended his speech.

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