Stomach botox should be supported with diet and exercise

When folks really feel higher psychologically, they comply with diet and exercise applications extra comfortably and willingly. Weight reduction procedures speed up this course of and present psychological help. Expressing that abdomen botox is a technique by which botox is utilized endoscopically to the abdomen, VM Medical Park Maltepe Hospital Normal Surgical procedure Specialist Op. Dr. İlker Özel stated that the goal of the tactic is to scale back the emptying charge of the abdomen and to scale back the discharge of the hormone referred to as Ghrelin, also called the starvation hormone, to attain an extended feeling of fullness. Kiss. Dr. İlker Özel said that because of abdomen botox, sufferers’ compliance with the diet will turn out to be a lot simpler and the speed of weight reduction will improve.


Stating that Botox is utilized in many various areas of the physique as we speak, Op. Dr. İlker Özel identified that each one of those makes use of are based mostly on the precept that botox briefly reduces muscle contraction. Kiss. Dr. İlker Özel shared the next details about the consequences of botox on the abdomen: “Simply as in different makes use of, when botox is utilized to the abdomen, the contraction of the muscular tissues within the abdomen wall is briefly weakened, and thus the abdomen begins to ship the meals contained in it to the intestines a lot later. Additionally, when botox is utilized to the fundus area of the abdomen throughout the process, it is called the starvation hormone. The extent of ghrelin additionally decreases, so we attain a state of satiety that lasts longer.”

Stating that the sufferers should come to the hospital by staying hungry the night time earlier than the operation day on which abdomen botox will be utilized, Op. Dr. Ilker Particular, “This process is carried out endoscopically with out surgical procedure whereas the affected person is beneath sedation. It takes about 15-20 minutes on common. Our sufferers don’t really feel ache throughout or after the process, and they will begin meals and be discharged inside 1-2 hours.” he stated.

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Stating that the primary results will start 4 to 7 days after the abdomen botox software, Op. Dr. İlker Özel emphasised that weight reduction will start inside the first month, and that the impact of the remedy will disappear after 6 months, as in each botox process. Kiss. Dr. Ilker Particular, “Though it varies relying on the preliminary weight of the affected person and how a lot he helps the applying with diet and exercise, we see a mean of 15-20 kg weight reduction in sufferers who’ve had abdomen botox.” stated.

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Emphasizing that the botox course of repeated after 6 months will give higher leads to the abdomen, identical to the botox course of utilized to different elements of the physique, Op. Dr. İlker Özel said that sufferers can obtain excellent outcomes in the event that they comply with the diet and exercise applications within the post-procedure interval.

Kiss. Dr. İlker Özel defined the advantages of abdomen botox as follows: “Botox course of begins to drop a few pounds for sufferers who can’t lose sufficient weight with diet and exercise alone. For that reason, sufferers start to really feel higher psychologically, and due to this fact, they start to comply with diet and exercise applications extra comfortably and willingly. As well as, since we’ll get a sense of satiety for an extended time after the process, it’ll be simpler to conform with the diet. Consequently, even higher outcomes will be obtained if the botox course of is supported by diet and exercise.”

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