Starlink internet project may attract aliens’ attention

Elon Muskowned by SpaceX The corporate was launched into orbit inside the scope of the project to carry the internet to each inaccessible a part of the world. starlink launching its satellites.

Whereas the variety of Starlink satellites in orbit thus far is approaching 1500, hundreds extra satellites will likely be launched sooner or later.


In response to a brand new article by a Georgian professor of astrophysics, Starlink may allow aliens to note the planet sooner or later.

Scientists suppose that a very powerful method to discover aliens is to seek out their techno-signatures. (Techno-signature: A technological signal of a civilization dwelling on any planet.)

Then again, it’s thought that these techno-signatures will allow attainable alien civilizations to find these dwelling on Earth.

Zaza Osmanov, professor of astrophysics on the Free College of Tbilisi, says that the Starlink satellite tv for pc positioned in Earth orbit may also act as a techno-signature and attract the attention of aliens.

In response to Osmanov, Starlink would be the best techno-signature of human civilization. However it’ll take a couple of thousand years for such buildings to change into seen to any alien telescope observing Earth within the universe.


In response to Osmanov, human civilization will likely be seen via massive telescopes from planets about 260 light-years away in a thousand years.

In response to the professor, To ensure that the Earth to be noticed 100 light-years away, the variety of satellites should method 30 billion.

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