Some Hardware Features of Samsung Galaxy A02s Revealed

Samsung’s new entry segment phone Galaxy A02s, which recently appeared in the Bluetooth SIG, this time appeared in Geekbench. Of course, with the listing in Geekbench, some hardware features of the device have also come to light.

South Korean technology giant Samsung’s Galaxy A02s There were rumors that he was working on a new entry segment model that he named, which was confirmed by information on the Bluetooth SIG certification site.

Galaxy A02s also appeared in the Geekbench database. Of course, the information revealed in Geekbench, what type of device hardware features He also revealed various information that he will have it. Well, let’s see what the emerging features are.

The emerging features of the Samsung Galaxy A02s

Galaxy A02s with model number SM-A0225G managed to get 756 points in single core and 3934 points in multi-core in Geekbench 4.2. In addition to these, on the operating system side of the device Android 10 With its future, it was also clear.

As you can see from the image above, the device 3 GB RAM will come with. Although the device seems likely to have different RAM options in addition to this, for now the only RAM option consists of this.

source code for samsung galaxy a02s

The Geekbench listing did not contain any information about which processor the device would have. However, considering the Adreno 506 GPU on the Galaxy A02s, the device has eight cores. Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 It is estimated that it will take its power from the processor. We can see the GPU information from the above source code.


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For now, this is what is known about Samsung’s entry segment phone, the Galaxy A02s. However, as the device’s release date approaches, more information is expected to emerge. We will continue to share new information as it becomes available.

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