Short Sweatshirt Combinations 2020 – Sporty Details

Short sweatshirts are very popular especially among young women in recent years. If you like a sporty and teenage clothing style in your daily life; In spring 2019, you should make room for short sweatshirts in your wardrobe. These pieces, which create a cool, trendy and sexy look with short skirts, long skirts, shorts and tight jeans, take their place in the wardrobes as quite ambitious pieces with their exposed belly.

When we look at the new season collections of the stores, short sweatshirts, which we frequently come across, are actually savior pieces in daily life. These pieces that you can have a cool look in an instant with the trend look; You can choose to go to breakfast on a Sunday morning, to go shopping or to have a coffee with your friends. Also, while dancing with your friends if you are going to attend a lively concert; You can combine it with items such as jeans or skirts.

Short sweatshirts are especially preferred by women with a sporty style of clothing. When we take a look at the 2019 spring-summer collections, we frequently encounter these pieces. In particular, I must say that cartoon-printed and animal-figured models are at the forefront. If you have no idea how to combine the short sweatshirts that create a sporty and stylish style, we have compiled the prominent models of this season and the combinations made with short sweatshirts for you …

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Short Sweatshirt Combinations

Short sweatshirt models

High waist trousers are one of the most ideal pieces to combine short sweatshirts. With their long-sleeved forms, these pieces, which you can easily wear on cool spring days, are also ideal for daily use. These pieces that create a stylish and sporty style; You can combine it with high-heeled boots and stylish bags under jeans.

Short sweatshirt combinations

If you have a short sweatshirt, you don’t need to remove it from your wardrobe when summer comes. For a concert or a party you will attend on a summer evening, you can easily use this type of combination with sneakers and even high heels.

In recent years, it is quite fashionable to combine stylish and sports style. To put on your high heels, you don’t just have to create a feminine combination. Combining this style with a sporty combination will also make you look very cool and sporty.

How to wear a short sweatshirt

In the new season, it is possible to use short sweatshirts, which we usually encounter with printed and figured models, with many other combinations. It is possible to create a sporty chic look by combining mini skirts and even high waist midi skirts that you love to wear in summer.

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This style will be an idea to combine a printed and sporty sweatshirt model with mini denim skirts. In your boiler; You can use mini bags with side straps and sandals or sneakers under your skirt.

Short sweatshirt combinations

In the spring-summer season of 2020, the lengths of short sweatshirts are also a little shorter. This style of models ending under the chest; You can choose to combine it with high waist trousers, skirts and shorts. For a stylish, trendy and cool look, we recommend that you choose a piece with an exposed belly underneath. With its çağıl style, it will be more correct to combine these pieces with çağıl accessories and jewelry.

Sweatshirt Trouser Combinations

These combinations are often used with jeans or sports pants models. Sweatshirt models, one of the representatives of sportswear combinations, are among the daily clothing styles.

Short sweatshirts, one of the prominent pieces of the new season, in 2020 spring-summer season; If you want to have more idea about how you can use it in daily life or when attending a party; below, short sweatshirt combos You can browse our gallery about.

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