Sexual weak point, liver illness, cancer-causing product. We all eat it!

Canan Karatay, a well known professor and inner medication specialist who made a giant noise within the media together with his statements, revealed the components that negatively have an effect on sexual life in males.

Based on Turkish media, Canan Karatay spoke in regards to the harms of trans fat:
“Choose worm-eaten fruits, as a result of others are full of medicine and chemical compounds, agricultural medicines are toxic. Trans fats makes you most cancers. Agricultural medication have been confirmed to trigger most cancers many occasions. So do not say the alternative.”

Based on Karatay, using palm oil by breastfeeding moms will increase the danger of most cancers in kids. He famous that the dangerous substances in palm oil might be transmitted to the child by way of milk: “Palm oil has a excessive threat of inflicting most cancers by way of breast milk, as a result of trans fat forestall using wholesome fat after they enter the physique. In fact, I don’t declare that these kids get most cancers instantly. After they develop up, kids eat such dangerous merchandise cooked in chips and trans fat, and because of this achieve weight. Palm oil lubricates the liver, destroys the mind. It results in all power, degenerative ailments: fatty liver, pancreatic fats.

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Refined palm oil, obtained from the seed or bark of the palm tree, is transformed into trans fats when processed. Trans fat are carcinogenic and trigger ailments resembling coronary heart assault, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and most cancers.

Palm oil is added to all beauty merchandise: shampoos and soaps. It’s harmful for trans fat to return into contact with our physique, knowingly or unknowingly. Moms ought to steer clear of processed and packaged meals. I repeat that pure cold-pressed olive oil could be very helpful. Kids of moms who use olive oil are very wholesome.

In conclusion, Karatay spoke in regards to the causes of infertility in males: “Not solely girls, but additionally males ought to take note of diet. In males who eat meals cooked in trans fat, the hormonal steadiness is disturbed, negatively impacts the standard of sperm, lowers testosterone, and on the identical time secretes extreme quantities of estrogen. And this leads to weight problems. ”

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