Scientists Warned About Groundwater

Scientists conducting climate studies announced that the dangers of underground water are ignored regarding the effects of global warming. Moreover, he underlined that every negligence that occurs today will continue to show its effect even hundreds of years later.
Day after day, let’s not learn one more of the damages climate change özgü caused to our planet and our lives. A team working on climate studies recently made a frightening warning about the invisible part of the iceberg. According to the results of the research, the negative effects of groundwater will wait like a ticking time bomb that can affect even centuries later.

Until now, many studies have been conducted on how global warming and climate change damage water resources such as oceans, seas and lakes on the earth. Although groundwater is of great importance, it özgü not been subject to extensive research. Groundwater is actually the most important and most reliable source for clean drinking water and agriculture on the planet. Water supplied from underground sources directly affects the lives of more than 2 billion people.

Rain is known as the most important feeder for underground resources. Thanks to the received rainfall, soils absorb water, and excessive water mixes with rivers and flows into seas and oceans. When the available resources were examined, it was found that there was a great decrease in groundwater and a serious drought in the land. You might say we already knew these. We haven’t even gotten to the scary aspect of it yet. It was understood that the picture that emerged in researches today is the result of negligence decades ago. In other words, the effects of climate change will force not only you but your children and even your grandchildren to grapple with worse scenarios.

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The researchers stated that this drought or excessive rainfall should settle in a balance, but also that rainfall in arid regions will not save the situation. He emphasized that the quality of the rainfall is more important than the amount of rainfall in order to reach an efficient and clean water resource. Explaining that the planet is in a cycle and every damage done can find different ways to get out, scientists said that climate change, which we do not care about today, will cause irreversible damage to the Earth in the future.


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