Scientists Reveal The Stress Response of Driving on Drivers

In a study conducted on 11 participant drivers in the USA, scientists revealed the stress response that driving creates on drivers. The research revealed the impact of the continuum of minor events encountered by drivers while driving.

Driving a car is already quite stressful due to many different factors. Being stuck in traffic, risk of accident, red lights… There are many situations in traffic that can cause stress for drivers. However, a new study even under the mildest conditions reveals that drivers can show a stress response.

In the research carried out, it is a routine and fairly mild conditions that drivers may encounter every day. driving route simulated. On this route, drivers experienced situations such as stopping at a red light or entering a highway. The obtained data shows that even such ‘standard’ situations will affect the drivers over time. become a major source of stress showed.

night car driving

In the study, in which 11 drivers participated, to observe the reaction of the drivers’ bodies to their vehicles. thermal camera systems was established. At the same time, a system was installed on the vehicles that records the vehicle’s acceleration, steering movements and braking force. In this way, the condition of the drivers and the vehicle was closely followed throughout the experiment. Thermal cameras provided data by recording the facial expressions and sweats of the drivers. All these systems are alsodrivers are not even aware of‘ allowed to elicit stress responses.

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After a while, high stress reactions began to be observed even in minor situations in drivers who were constantly moving on the same route. Half of the 11 participants The research team named the phenomenon that causes these stress responses ‘acceleration’. University of Houston physiologist Loannis PavlidisWe call this phenomenon ‘acceleration’. Acceleration, stress caused by minor events something we define as‘ It is not yet known why the situation, which he summarized with his words, appeared in half of the drivers and did not occur in the other half. The research team thinks this may be related to genetic predisposition.

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