Scientists Reach Record Depth in Northern Antarctica

A team of researchers and engineers successfully descended 2 kilometers in Antarctica’s ice sheet.
Researchers studying the effects of global warming on Antarctica are conducting many experiments. In the last experiment, the researchers, who pierced the ice sheet with hot water, managed to descend to a depth of 2 kilometers.

The team of 11 people özgü been working for 12 weeks in cold temperatures reaching -30 degrees. On January 8, the team went 2152 meters below the surface for 63 hours of non-stop work.

Equipment unloaded through the drilled hole will examine the water pressure, ice temperature and degradation in the surrounding ice.

This project called BEAMISH is actually a project that özgü been on the agenda for 20 years. A similar attempt was made in 2004, but the trial was unsuccessful.

Principal investigator of the project from the British Antarctic Review (BAS). Andy Smith said in a statement, “I waited too long for this moment, and we finally achieved our goal. “There are gaps in our knowledge of what is happening in West Antarctica, and by examining these ice sheets that lie on top of the soft sedimentary layer, we will be able to understand how this region will change in the future and how it will affect global sea level rise.” says.

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The team dug two channels in the area for the project. The second of these channels was completed on 22 January. The team’s work on ice is expected to continue until mid-February.

Physicist and oceanographer Dr. Keith Makinson said in a statement: “We know that warmer ocean water melts many of West Antarctica’s glaciers. What we’re trying to understand is how slippery the sedimentary layer beneath the layer is and how soon it will shift the continent to the sea. This (study) will provide more precise information about the future West Antarctic sea level rise. ” used the expressions.


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