Scientists made wood transparent

A bunch of scientists from the College of Maryland, USA, succeeded in turning wood boards right into a transparent materials with higher insulating properties.

Stating that wood consists of two fundamental parts, specifically cellulose and lignin, and lignin has chromophore molecules, which give the wood its brown colour and stop the wood from transmitting mild, the scientists turned the wood right into a white-colored intermediate product in step one of the research.


Throughout the scope of the research, the scientists brushing a wood materials with a size of 1 meter and a thickness of 1 millimeter with the assistance of an unusual paint brush dipped in hydrogen peroxide resolution, then noticed that the wood boards, which have been left within the solar or below a UV lamp for 1 hour, turned white.


Within the subsequent step, the researchers grafted epoxy, a tough and transparent adhesive chemical largely utilized in boat constructing, into the graying wood, leading to a strong wood-like product that was transparent as glass and transmits 90 % of the sunshine.

Scientists acknowledged that the obtained materials might exchange glass in home windows sooner or later, and could possibly be utilized in buildings as an energy-saving constructing materials as a result of it has higher insulating properties than glass.

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Scientists made wood transparent #2

Earlier makes an attempt to make wood transparent included eradicating the lignin part from wood.

These makes an attempt, utilizing harmful chemical substances and excessive temperatures, took quite a lot of time and made the product dearer and fragile.

Nonetheless, with the brand new method developed by researchers on the College of Maryland, it has now turn into less expensive and simpler to make wood transparent.

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