Scientists immersed underwater telescope in Lake Baikal

In a press release made by the press workplace of the Ministry of Science and Increased Schooling of Russia, it’s the largest in the northern hemisphere. deep underwater neutrino telescope It was introduced that the Baikal-GVD, which was the primary, was immersed in Lake Baikal and began analysis.

Composed of spherical glass and stainless-steel modules, the underwater telescope Baikal-GVD will observe subatomic particle neutrinos with no electrical cost and close to zero mass.


Neutrino; It’s referred to as elementary particles which have a velocity near the velocity of sunshine, have zero electrical cost, and might move by way of supplies virtually with out interplay.

Scientists imagine that neutrinos can attain Earth from the depths of newly forming or dying galaxies and supply details about the place and what occurred in the universe billions of years in the past.

Consisting of scientists from Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia Baikal-GVD group, dug an oblong gap in the frozen floor of Baikal to decrease the telescope and lowered it into the depths of the lake.

Baikal-GVD its first part was accomplished in 2015, and in the primary part the telescope consisted of 192 optical modules. The ultimate model of the telescope has 288 optical modules.

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Telescopes observing neutrinos are sometimes positioned in clear waters; as a result of clear waters are excellent environments for detecting particles which can be very tough to watch.

On high of that, the truth that Lake Baikal is deep and coated by a thick layer of ice for 2 months of the 12 months will assist the telescope higher observe neutrinos.


One other telescope observing neutrinos is at present positioned underneath Antarctica’s frozen ice sheet. This telescope, named Ice Dice, first began its mission in 2010 and has detected dozens of neutrinos from exterior the photo voltaic system.

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