Scientists found a 4.6 billion-year-old meteorite

The meteorite, which was found within the Sahara Desert in 2020, was examined intimately by scientists. As a results of the examination, it was decided that the celestial physique, referred to as EC 002, is 4.6 billion years previous.

The meteorite, which was recorded because the oldest object from house, Solely 2 million years youthful than the photo voltaic system.

Jean-Alix Barrat, of the College of Western Brittany, “I have been working with meteorites for over 20 years. That is in all probability essentially the most exceptional factor I’ve ever seen.” mentioned.


Barrat mentioned that there are virtually no meteorites much like EC 002. “As you get nearer to the start of the photo voltaic system, it will get an increasing number of sophisticated to gather samples from this era. We’ll in all probability by no means discover one other pattern of this age once more.” used the phrases.

In accordance with the analysis workforce’s estimations, it took a minimum of 100,000 years for EC 002, which weighs 31 kilograms, to take its current form. It was reported that EC 002 first melted in magma after which cooled and solidified for about 100 thousand years.

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