Scientists discover a planet that cannot be explained how it formed

First found in 2017 WASP-107b The planet named was discovered whereas orbiting its star 212 light-years from Earth.

New findings have emerged of the mysterious planet whose distance from its star is about 16 occasions shorter than our personal Solar.


Scientists mentioned the density of the planet, additionally known as “cotton sweet,” turned out to be a lot lower than beforehand thought potential.

Though the planet is roughly the identical measurement as Jupiter, its density is 10 occasions much less. This causes researchers to liken it to cotton sweet.

The planet attracts consideration not just for its density, but in addition as a result of it offers “nice implications” for the formation of fuel large planets. These inferences counsel that fuel giants might type way more simply than beforehand believed.

Based on additional analysis, WASP-107bIt is without doubt one of the least dense planets ever discovered.


Planets type in disks of mud and fuel orbiting younger stars. It is typically thought that fuel giants like Jupiter and Saturn or WASP-107b would wish to type a strong core at the least 10 occasions bigger than Earth to ensure that sufficient fuel to build up earlier than the disk disintegrates.

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Nevertheless, in line with analysis, the mysterious planet WASP-107b doesn’t have such a giant core, so scientists have no idea how the planet formed within the first place.

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