Scientist dated some of the oldest stars with unprecedented precision

Scientist dated some of the oldest stars with unprecedented precision

Scientists have succeeded in courting some of the oldest stars in the galaxy with unprecedented precision by combining information from the stars’ oscillations with details about their chemical composition.

The crew, led by researchers at the College of Birmingham, surveyed round 100 crimson large stars, and had been in a position to decide that some of these had been initially half of a satellite tv for pc galaxy referred to as Gaia-Enceladus, which collided with the Milky Method early in its historical past.

The outcomes, revealed in Nature Astronomy, revealed that the group of stars surveyed all have comparable ages, or are barely youthful than the majority of the stars recognized to have began their lives inside the Milky Method. This corroborates current theories suggesting the Milky Method had already began forming a big fraction of its stars when the merger with the Gaia-Enceladus (often known as the Gaia Sausage) occurred.

By the time of the collision, the Milky Method was already effectively forming stars, most of which now reside inside its thick disc, one of two disc-like constructions that make up the galaxy.

Josefina Montalbán, lead writer on the paper, stated: “The chemical composition, location and movement of the stars we will observe at the moment in the Milky Method include treasured details about their origin. As we improve our information of how and when these stars had been fashioned, we will begin to higher perceive how the merger of Gaia-Enceladus with the Milky Method affected the evolution of our galaxy.”

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In the calculations, the crew included asteroseismology information from the Kepler satellite tv for pc together with information from the Gaia and APOGEE devices. All three are set as much as collect information to map and characterize stars in the Milky Method.

Asteroseismology is a comparatively new method, which measures the relative frequencies and amplitudes of the pure modes of oscillation of the stars. This allows scientists to assemble details about the star’s dimension and inside construction, which allows correct estimations of the star’s age to be made.

On this analysis, the crew used info on the particular person oscillation modes of every star moderately than averaged properties of their pulsations. They had been additionally ready to make use of asteroseimology together with spectroscopy, which enabled them to measure the chemical compositions of the stars.

Co-author Professor Andrea Miglio at the College of Bologna stated, “We’ve proven the big potential of asteroseismology together with spectroscopy to ship exact, correct relative ages for particular person, very previous, stars. Taken collectively, these measurements contribute to sharpen our view on the early years of our galaxy and promise a vivid future for Galactic archeoastronomy.”

Supply: DOI: 10.1038/s41550-021-01347-7

Scientist dated some of the oldest stars with unprecedented precision

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