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Who is Sancakay Ilım Morgül?

Sancakay Ilım Morgül is a Turkish athlete and Survivor contestant born on January 30, 1997. It is in Survivor 2021, hosted by Acun Ilıcalı. He is the nephew of coach Ünal Karaman. Sancakay, who started his sports career with rhythmic gymnastics, started his football career in Izmir during his high school years.
Morgül, who was transferred to the Rizespor team in his last year, completed his high school education in this city. The young contestant completed his license at Karadeniz Technical University, Department of Russian Language and Literature. Morgül, who settled in Istanbul after taking and winning the talent exams of the conservatory theater department, is still a 4th grade student.
“Hello, I am Sancakay Ilım Morgül. I grew up in Izmir and Rize. I started my sports life with rhythmic gymnastics. I studied in İzmir until high school 3 and started my football career with futsal, then I moved to the green field. I was transferred to Rize’s Rizespor team in High School 4, I finished high school there and continued my football career. I studied Russian language literature for 2 years at Karadeniz Technical University. I know two languages ​​other than Turkish, English and Russian. After taking the talent exams of the conservatory theater department and winning it, I moved to Istanbul and now I’m in the 4th grade undergraduate. I played the lead role in the play Offside from the Edinburgh festival in the Kadıköy theater stage for 2 seasons and I have been performing with Hayal Kahvesi as a vocal for 5 years. I sing my own compositions and play the guitar. “
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How old is Sancakay Ilım Morgül?

He was born on January 30, 1997.




He grew up in Izmir and Rize.


Russian language literature at the Black Sea Technical University


Athlete, Survivor 2021 Competitors


He is the nephew of Ünal Karaman.

/ Spouse


Hair colour


Eye color


Sancakay Ilım Morgül Height Weight

Unknown to be added

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Sancakay, which is the combination of the names Sancak and Moon, means the starboard with the moon above it. The word banner means the flag attached to the spear, while the word moon represents the moon in the sky.
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