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Salmon and Pepper Salad Recipe:

How about a salad that is both full of vitamins and keeps you full? Easily prepared as team and elegantly presented Salmon and Pepper Salad Recipe we give. This is delightful salad recipeTake a note now to find out!


3-4 Colored peppers
Mediterranean greens and greens you wish
Black pepper
Olive oil
1 Lemon
Cherry tomatoes
And other favorite materials

Preparation of:

Slice the salmon small and remove the colored peppers. Then line the skewers as a salmon and a colored pepper. Cook this duo on the grill. Nature the greenery as you wish. Chop the tomatoes and your favorite ingredients and mix them with the greens. Then mix the olive oil and lemon needed for the sauce and pour it into the greens. Mix them all together. Put the grilled salmon on the salad and drizzle with black pepper. You can serve.


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