Sales of wild animal meat against monkeypox banned in Nigeria

Nigerian Minister of Agriculture, Mohammed Abu Bakr, has ordered all wildlife hunters and merchants in the nation to stop work.

Within the nation the place 21 instances have been seen up to now, the primary dying because of the virus was seen on the finish of Might.

There are a lot of markets throughout the nation the place the meat of animals akin to mice, antelope, wild pigs, snakes and chimpanzees are offered.

Though there isn’t any proof that the virus is transmitted by consuming wild animal meat, it’s acknowledged that the choice is for precautionary functions.

1392 suspected and 44 confirmed instances in Africa

In keeping with the information of AA; In keeping with WHO information, 1392 suspected and 44 confirmed instances of monkeypox have been reported this 12 months in Cameroon, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia, Nigeria, the Republic of the Congo and Sierra Leone.

Monkey pox, often called one of the uncommon illnesses brought on by an endemic virus, is split into two as Congo and West African species.

The virus, which is normally transmitted from animal to human and infrequently from individual to individual, may cause excessive fever and itchy blisters on the physique.

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