‘Rwanda’ protest in the UK

After British Prime Minister Boris Johnson acknowledged that as of January 1, immigrants who got here to England illegally could possibly be resettled in the African nation of Rwanda, dozens of individuals reacted to the assertion and took to the streets.

The demonstrators gathered in entrance of the Ministry of Inside constructing, chanting slogans in favor of immigrants and refugees.

“We’re all one”

Calling the ministry to cease the plan, the demonstrators carried banners that learn “if escaping hazard is a criminal offense, there’s a drawback with the legislation”, “we’re all one” and “take away borders”.

“What the authorities is proposing is a shame”

One demonstrator who attended the protest stated: “What the authorities is proposing is utter shame, inhumane, merciless and a tribute to smugglers. As a result of they’ll simply see it as a enterprise alternative. Most Jews in the UK are kids of refugees. I’m additionally the grandchild of a refugee. “This nation has warmly welcomed us. We don’t welcome future generations as they flee from oppression.” used the expressions.

Rwanda protest in the UK #2

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