Russian Federal Security Service: Ukrainian mines can reach the Bosphorus and the Mediterranean

Whereas Russia’s assaults on Ukraine continued, Russian forces attacked the Black Coastline of Ukraine, together with the Sea of ​​Azov. many had taken management.

Towards the assaults of the Russians, the Ukrainian military laid mines off the coast of Odessa, the Black Sea metropolis of the nation.


In the assertion made by the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) after the newest developments, it was famous that there’s a important danger for the mines laid off the coast of Odessa, and it was famous that the mines laid by the Ukrainians off the coast of Odessa started to interrupt.

In a press release launched by the FSB’s Public Affairs Division, “After the launch of a particular navy operation by Russia, the Ukrainian Navy created about 420 old-style minefields in and off the ports of Odessa, Ozi, Chornomorsk and Yuzhne. These mines have been produced in the first half of the twentieth century. With the onset of stormy situations, the cables connecting to the sea backside anchors broke. In the western a part of the Black Sea, the mines started to maneuver freely underneath the affect of winds and currents. expressions have been used.

Russian Federal Security Service: Ukrainian mines can reach Bosphorus and Mediterranean #1


In the assertion made about the mines laid by Ukraine, the FSB’s Public Relations Unit additionally acknowledged that the Bosphorus is in danger, “Provided that southward floor currents predominate in the listed port areas of Ukraine, the risk of drifting mines into the Bosphorus and Mediterranean basin waters can’t be excluded.” recorded his statements.

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In the assertion, emphasizing that Ukraine’s laying of mines in the sea brought on a violation of worldwide agreements, “This reveals that the Armed Forces of Ukraine as soon as once more utterly disregards the foundations of worldwide legislation and disregards human life, together with residents of the European Union (EU)” emphasis was made.

Russian Federal Security Service: Ukrainian mines may reach Bosphorus and Mediterranean Sea #2


At the finish of the assertion, “The Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy has issued the related coastal warning dated March 18, 2022 and numbered 116, taking into consideration the mine hazard” It was acknowledged that the mine hazard was conveyed to the public underneath an official document.

Russian Federal Security Service: Ukrainian mines can reach Bosphorus and Mediterranean #3

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