Russia claims Ukraine is using ‘black magic’

The battle between Russia and Ukraine has been occurring for greater than two months.

Many European international locations confirmed a transparent stance on Ukraine’s facet and offered army and monetary assist.

Claims that ‘Ukraine is using supernatural powers’

Nevertheless, in response to a report within the Russian media, Ukrainians not solely obtain assist from Europe, but additionally profit from supernatural forces.

For an emblem discovered on the wall of the deserted Ukrainian army base, situated on the outskirts of the village of Trekhizbenka in Ukraine’s Luhansk area, the Russian information company RIA mentioned the image was drawn in blood and linked to supernatural forces.

“They wish to trigger extra harm with the indicators”

The company said that there are severe indicators that Ukrainian troopers are using black magic. ‘the satan’s seal’ He said that he was:

“We have seen Ukrainians attempt to bless their weapons and make markings with blood. They hope to spice up their arsenal with the markings and trigger extra harm.”

Russia claimed that Ukraine was using black magic #1

“Magical seal of darkish forces”

Russian culturalist and thinker Ekaterina Dais mentioned that the image painted in black ink ‘a magical seal of darkish forces’ claimed to be.

Dais said that the Ukrainians carried out rituals to strengthen their weapons and requested supernatural forces to ship weapons to them.

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“Zain means ‘Sword’ in Hebrew”

The culturalist who research the image, “This is a magical image made up of many intersecting traces. It is laborious to say for positive what it means. Whoever drew it with out elevating their hand. The ‘Zain’ written beneath the image means ‘sword’ in Hebrew.” mentioned.

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