Robber who broke into a bank in Russia took employees hostage

There have been full of life moments in the bank department on the bottom ground of a constructing in Tyumen, Russia.

A robber coming into the bank took 3 employees hostage.

Whereas the emergency groups introduced that fifty individuals had been evacuated from the constructing, the police took safety measures across the bank.


The primary request of the robber, who claimed that he had explosives in his bag in the discount between the robber and the police, was 15 million rubles (1 million 800 thousand TL). In the meantime, the id of the attacker was decided. ID “Alexander Grichenko” It was acknowledged that the 32-year-old robber, who was described as a felony, had beforehand acquired psychological therapy.

The robber who entered the bank in Russia took the employees hostage VIDEO


The cash demanded by the robber was delivered to him by the bank officers. Whereas the robber was leaving the bank, the police, who entered the bottom ground of the constructing, caught the attacker with out harming the hostages and detained him. Whereas no explosives had been discovered in the robber’s bag, it was reported that the assertion of the robber, who was taken to the police station, might be taken.

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Robbery employees who entered the bank in Russia took hostage #2

Robbers who entered the bank in Russia took hostages #3

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