Reassuring explanation for Chernobyl

It was reported that the electrical energy was reduce off on the Chernobyl Nuclear Energy Plant yesterday and the mills had been activated.


After the announcement that the diesel gas used within the cooling of the nuclear energy plant will run out after 48 hours and the plant will probably be in danger as a result of the cooling system is not going to work, the Russian Ministry of Power introduced that the nuclear energy plant, managed by the Russian military, was re-supplied by Belarus.

Chernobyl Nuclear Energy Plant Director Valeriya Seydi made a written assertion yesterday, “The diesel gas we use for cooling runs out after 48 hours. In 48 hours, we may have fully misplaced the safety of the ability plant. In response to the data we obtained from the middle, the rationale for the ability outage on the energy plant is a malfunction within the electrical present system. A hall ought to be created urgently in order that this downside will be resolved and repaired. had used the phrases.

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