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Razor use guide for women:

Razor is one of the most preferred methods to get rid of unwanted hair. It is a very practical and easy method for armpits, bikini area and legs, especially in summer. However, some women may find razor blades difficult and daunting to use. As the ” team, we have prepared a razor blade use guide for women. To spend the article more comfortably and smoothly, start reading our special news immediately.

Using razors can cause skin irritation, itching, ingrown hairs, and small cuts. In order to prevent these problems, we provide you with useful information about the use of razors.

Take care of the razor blade selection!

First of all, you should start with choosing the right razor blade. Sharp multi-blade razors ensure better results every time. When the number of blades on the razor is high, you do not need to shave the same area over and over. Thus, you will prevent problems such as irritation and itching. In addition, flexible and movable head razor blades move around the curves more easily and reduce the risk of leaving small cuts.

The number of uses of the razor is important!

When your razor is dull or rusted, you should throw it away immediately. The recommendation of dermatologists is to change your razors every 5-7 uses. If your hair is thick and thick, this number of uses should be reduced. Because dull razors can cause irritation and itching on your skin.

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Do not dry razors!

Avoid making dry razors. This can cause cuts and burns on your skin. Shaving gels or oils act as a protective layer between your skin and the razor. At the same time, it makes your job easier as it softens the hairs. Especially baby oilprevents itching after shaving. To moisturize your skin after shaving Coconut oil you can use.

Pay attention to the direction of hair growth!

It is okay to apply the razor against the direction of hair growth. But often in the bikini area batik If you are facing the problem, you may need to pay attention to the direction of hair growth to prevent this.

Check the length of the feathers!

If your hair has not been removed for a long time, it is quite long naturally. In such a case, make sure to shorten your hair before using the razor. Shortening the hairs makes your job easier and prevents irritation and cuts. Also, you are less likely to encounter a wreck.

Choose the right time for the razor!

Timing is very important in razor blades. If you want to have a smooth skin, The best time to make razors is at the end of the shower. Because the skin is moist and your hair becomes soft.

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You have learned useful information about using razors for women. If you have a razor-borne wound, the risk of inflammation increases. You have to be very careful at times like this. Immediately swimming and sunbathing after shaving may hurt. If your skin becomes very red from the sun, you should stay away from the razor until the rash is gone.


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