Ramadan warning for diabetes patients using insulin

Diabetes is without doubt one of the most identified illnesses throughout Ramadan. Fluctuations in insulin throughout fasting exacerbate the signs, thus rising physician’s check-ups. Stating that diabetes patients within the excessive danger group ought to seek the advice of a physician earlier than fasting, Bahçeşehir College Hospital Medical Park Göztepe Endocrinology and Metabolic Illnesses Specialist Prof. Dr. Fulya Akın made necessary warnings.


Expressing that individuals with sort 1 diabetes, those that use insulin or those that use tablets that enhance insulin secretion, can not quick. Dr. Fulya Akin, “In addition to, those that have impaired blood sugar within the final 3 months shouldn’t quick if attainable. But when the values ​​are steady, if there is no such thing as a different illness accompanying diabetes, equivalent to heart problems, kidney, nerve illness, neuropathy that can’t detect low blood sugar, these folks can quick.” he mentioned.

Stating that the deterioration in blood sugar regulation is life-threatening, Prof. Dr. Akin warned: “A very powerful well being drawback seen in diabetes patients is the deterioration of blood sugar regulation. A lower or enhance in blood sugar may be seen throughout fasting. These folks might expertise fluid loss, and the issue of vascular coagulation might happen. If the 3-month common HbA1c is under 6.5, if the individual has not utilized to the hospital because of a lower or enhance in blood sugar within the final 3 months, if there is no such thing as a heart problems, kidney drawback or nerve harm, these folks can quick on account of the doctor’s analysis. There isn’t a hurt of their fasting. {People} ought to affirm that their sugar setting, diet plan and insulin ranges are good by getting permission from their physician.”

Reminding that sudden sugar drop may be seen in individuals who quick with out taking precautions, Prof. Dr. Inflow, “Hypoglycemia, that’s, low blood sugar is an important occasion. It will possibly lead an individual to coma. In low sugar, there are conditions that go as much as feeling unhealthy, sweating, trembling within the palms, palpitations, feeling unhealthy and lack of consciousness. {People} want to have the ability to measure blood sugar throughout the day. If they’ve blood glucose meters, if their blood sugar drops under 60 throughout the day, they need to cease fasting. If their blood sugar rises above 300, they are going to nonetheless have to cease fasting. Fasting sugar ought to be between 80 and 130. It’s best that the toughness doesn’t exceed 180. When it goes under 60, irreversible occasions happen.” made its evaluation.

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Ramadan warning for diabetes patients using insulin #2


Explaining that insulin resistance, known as hidden sugar, is quite common in society, Endocrinology and Metabolism Illnesses Specialist Prof. Dr. Fulya Akin, “There are 11 million folks with diabetes in Turkey. There are extra folks with hidden diabetes than him. These individuals are significantly keen on sugary meals, drowsiness and fatigue after meals. We consider such folks and observe them by giving weight-reduction plan, remedy and exercising. If these folks have intolerance to starvation, if their sugar drops when they’re very hungry, we don’t suggest that they quick. There are patients that we normally management very nicely with remedy.” mentioned.

Advising diabetics to avoid sweets, that are indispensable for Ramadan, Prof. Dr. Fulya Akin, “{People} with insulin resistance shouldn’t devour sugary, sherbet desserts. As a substitute, decide for milky desserts. They’ll eat fruit, 1 portion of fruit can be sufficient and we suggest that they devour the fruit 2 hours after iftar. We suggest the consumption of milk desserts equivalent to rice pudding, gullaç, ice cream and pudding.” made a suggestion.

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