Protect children against Covid-19 with proper nutrition

Division of Nutrition and Dietetics, Dr. Dietitian Gonca Güzel Ünal emphasised the significance of immunity in defending children against coronavirus.

It has been said that Kovid-19 instances, which have been in our lives since 2020, are primarily seen in adults, however as a result of mutation of the virus in latest months, it has unfold quicker and affected children as effectively. At this level, Istanbul Rumeli College Nutrition and Dietetics Division School Member, who said that children must be very cautious about their nutrition. Dietitian Gonca Güzel Ünal drew consideration to the factors that have to be emphasised relating to the nutrition of children.

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Emphasizing the significance of water consumption in addition to proper nutrition, Dr. Dietitian Gonca Güzel Unal, “It is best to drink loads of water to open the sinuses. Cleansing the nostril with salt water is useful. To stop persistent sinusitis, nasal baths will be carried out with scientifically confirmed surfactant-containing merchandise. It will relieve nasal discharge and sinuses.” stated.

Underlining that sugary weight loss plan lowers immunity against Kovid-19 within the research performed, Ünal said that the consumption of sugar and packaged merchandise must be prevented in children. Dr. Dietitian Gonca Unal, “With a purpose to steadiness the immune system, children must be given nutrition packages containing loads of greens and fruits, and their antioxidant and fiber consumption must be elevated. Fermented merchandise, pickles, kefir and selfmade yogurt are very helpful for intestinal microbiota in children.” he stated.

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Protect children against COVID-19 with proper nutrition #2


Stating that vitamin D is vital in defending against Kovid-19 within the Covid-trial research, and children must be uncovered to the solar within the open air with vitamin D assist, Ünal additionally made the next statements about different dietary strategies that can preserve immunity against the virus: “Zinc, vitamin C and selenium nutritional vitamins and minerals, which assist enough immunity, are additionally vital to guard against Kovid-19. It’s essential to eat loads of nuts, vegetables and fruit, protein meals. Lemonade, orange juice, mint tea with honey, ginger tea are among the many drinks that may be consumed by children. To assist abdomen acid, 1 teaspoon of water with apple cider vinegar will be drunk earlier than consuming, and selfmade beetroot and sauerkraut can be utilized to assist abdomen acid at meals. Preferring steaming or boiling strategies and cooking much less is helpful for immunity. Just like the Mediterranean weight loss plan, utilizing loads of greens, wholesome protein and wholesome fat, spices and fermented merchandise is crucial for immune system.”

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