President of Religious Affairs Ali Erbaş attended the opening of the mosque in the Netherlands

The official opening of the Den Bosch Dutch Religious Basis (HDV) Orhan Gazi Mosque, which was accomplished in Den Bosch, the Netherlands. Ali Erbaş, President of Religious Affairs.

Talking at the opening, President of Religious Affairs Erbaş conveyed the greetings of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and mentioned that mosques are one of the most vital means of unity and solidarity.

“Our Prophet constructed a faculty inside the Masjid of the Prophet”

Reminding that the Prophet (pbuh) first constructed the Masjid an-Nabawi after he migrated to Medina, Erbaş mentioned, “So, the foundation for an Islamic metropolis to be a civilized metropolis relies on the mosque. Properly, did he say, “Let’s simply pray, do our worship as a mosque, then shut the door and go”? The Prophet didn’t say, what did he do? He constructed a faculty inside the Masjid an-Nabawi. In the present day, I have a look at it, with the Orhan Gazi Mosque Complicated, serving the individuals of this area, our brothers, virtually 24 hours a day. That is primarily the function of being a department of the Masjid an-Nabawi, which got here from the Prophet. mentioned.

“Azan and the Qur’an nourish the soul of man”

Erbaş identified that the name to prayer, the Qur’an and the sounds of youngsters in the mosque feed individuals’s souls, “The prayer carried out in the mosque with the voices of youngsters is best than the prayer with out the voice of any youngster. Nevertheless, one shouldn’t go to extremes. Let our kids come and allow them to discover ways to pray and typically play in the mosque.” he mentioned.

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President of Religious Affairs Ali Erbaş attended the opening of the mosque in the Netherlands #2

“Basis tradition is one of the most vital establishments”

Mentioning the significance of the waqf tradition in Islamic civilization, Erbaş continued his phrases as follows:

“Basis tradition is one of the most vital establishments established in order to make sure the cooperation of Muslims with one another and to protect unity and solidarity, and the first basis in the world is our Grasp, Prophet Muhammad Mustafa Aleyhissalâtü Vesselam. I say to our professors occasionally when giving a speech; ‘We’re the heirs of the prophet. The heirs of the Prophet (pbuh) are the heirs of the Prophet (pbuh) in the event that they proceed his actions. Our Prophet introduced the Quran and entrusted it to us. Any further, it’s our job to introduce the Qur’an to all humanity. Our Prophet entrusted us together with his Sunnah, entrusted us with telling the prayers. In that respect, we’re the heirs of the Prophet, however the volunteers of the basis are additionally the heirs of the Prophet. As a result of our civilization is a basis civilization.”

President of Religious Affairs Ali Erbaş attended the opening of the mosque in the Netherlands #3

“Mankind protects himself by obeying Allah’s orders”

After Erbaş’s speech, the ribbon was lower and the mosque was inaugurated. Head of Religious Affairs, Erbaş, who led the midday prayer in the mosque, congratulated the expatriate residents in the month of Ramadan in his speech after the prayer. Stating that Allah created people as notable creatures, Erbaş mentioned, “Our Lord says; ‘We’ve got created man in the greatest kind. Then we turned it all the way down to the backside.’ If we have to open a parenthesis between these two verses, how can human beings protect their creation in the most lovely kind? He preserves them by obeying Allah’s orders and avoiding His prohibitions. That is what prayer, fasting, zakat and pilgrimage are for. he mentioned.

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President of Religious Affairs Ali Erbaş attended the opening of the mosque in the Netherlands #4

“Ramadan is a method of salvation for individuals”

Expressing that the month of Ramadan is instrumental in the salvation of individuals, Erbaş mentioned, “The month of Ramadan is an excellent month with its prayers, fasting, tarawih, iftar, sahur, charity, zakat and serving to one another. That is why we name him the sultan of 11 months. He’s the sultan of 11 months in our civilization and custom. It’s not doable for us to expertise these beauties in one other month.” mentioned.

In accordance with the information of İHA, Turkey’s Ambassador to The Hague Şaban Dişli, Rotterdam Consul Common Aytaç Yılmaz, Directorate of Religious Affairs International Relations Common Supervisor Erdal Atalay, Turkey The Hague Religious Companies Counselor Prof. Dr. Haluk Songur and Chairman of the Dutch Religious Basis Muhlis Koç additionally attended. Erbaş visited the mosque after the prayer and acquired data from the authorities.

President of Religious Affairs Ali Erbaş attended the opening of the mosque in the Netherlands #5

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