President Erdogan’s ‘genocide’ response to Joe Biden is in the world press

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made statements after the Cupboard Assembly held at the Presidential Advanced yesterday, and the so-called ‘genocide’ was on his agenda.

US President Joe Biden, in his message on April 24, used the so-called ‘genocide’ concerning the 1915 occasions. Biden’s statements had been met with a harsh response in Ankara.


Erdogan, concerning Biden’s message, He used baseless, unfair and unfaithful statements about the tragic occasions that occurred in our geography greater than a century in the past. We expect that the statements in the assertion had been included with the stress of radical Armenian circles and anti-Turkey teams.” he mentioned.

President Erdogan’s response to the President of the USA had a large influence in the worldwide press.


Reuters information company, “Erdogan urged Biden to revert from the ‘incorrect step’ in the Armenian declaration” It was reported that the President of Turkey as soon as once more known as upon Turkish and Armenian historians to set up a joint fee to examine the occasions.


In the information of the English service of the Voice of America web site, Erdogan “We hope that the United States will quickly flip from its misstep in mild of those info.” he was reminded.

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In the information, “When you say ‘genocide’, you want to take a look at your self in the mirror and consider your self. I do not want to say the Indians anyway, they’re all there. With all these info in the open, you’ll be able to’t label Turks and the Turkish nation a ‘genocide’.” statements had been identified.

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The US-based Axios information website conveyed to its readers that President Erdogan criticized Joe Biden, who used the time period “genocide” concerning the 1915 occasions.

It is acknowledged that Erdogan had beforehand warned {that a} ‘genocide’ declaration would hurt US-Turkish relations.

Erdogan’s phrases had been reminded that Turkey is making an attempt to set up “good neighborly” ties with Armenia.

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Stating that Biden’s assertion inflicted a “deep wound” in the US-Turkey relations, The Hill mentioned that Erdogan’s statements concerning the US President’s statements “unfounded, unfair and unfaithful” reported that he had described it.

The information additionally reminded Joe Biden’s scandalous statements about the 1915 occasions.

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“US-Turkey relations on new decline over Armenian genocide” Monetary Occasions utilizing the headline, Erdogan known as Biden to flip from the incorrect recorded. President Erdogan’s This case doesn’t remove the devastating results of the rising image on the relations between the two international locations. assertion was included in the article.

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Expressing that they may meet with the President of the USA at the NATO Summit to be held in June, it was famous that Erdogan mentioned that he believed that they might search for the doorways of a brand new period by evaluating these points face to face.

Erdogan’s speech “We hope to attain an understanding with our interlocutor, leaving apart the points that poison the relations between the two international locations, and that can enable us to look forward to any extent further. In any other case, we may have no alternative however to begin implementing the practices required by the new degree that our relationships fell with the April 24 assertion.” half shared.

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France-based France 24 wrote that Turkey made a “name for a brand new period” in relations with the United States, regardless of all the variations.

It has been reported that the points which might be the topic of dialogue can be mentioned in the assembly between Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Joe Biden, which can be held inside the scope of the NATO Summit.President Erdogan's response to Joe Biden on genocide #6


Israel-based Haaretz and Saudi Arabia-based Arab Information, Erdogan’s “US president made baseless and unfair feedback” shared the assertion.

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President Erdogan was reminded of the following phrases:

“If the information of Armenians are to be described as ‘genocide’, then all the occasions that occurred in the similar interval, particularly these examples we gave, ought to be put in parentheses. In actual fact, if we go earlier than and after, we are able to come throughout many occasions that may be described as genocide in the historical past of America and Europe.

These points will be mentioned in many subjects, from Indians to blacks, from what was performed in Dresden in Germany to the atomic bombs dropped on Japanese cities, particularly from Vietnam to Iraq.

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