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Do you like rice? If so, this news is just for you. Mehmet Akpolat, who has worked professionally in the pharmaceutical industry for years with Cihan Balkan, the founder of Este Yapı, turned his love for rice into a brand and laid the foundations of I Love Pilav. Pilaf, the indispensable auxiliary dish of the kitchens, combined with health, R&D and taste, became the first taste of the palate. I Love Pilav, whose rice comes from Gönen, butter from the Black Sea, and buttermilk from Manas, aims to lead the industry by spreading the healthy fast food culture.

The rich culinary culture of Anatolia has become an invaluable boon for investors looking for different tastes in the food industry. A new one has now been added to the chain restaurants that opened one after another. Moreover, this restaurant is a first …

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Known as the auxiliary food of the kitchens and an indispensable element, rice has become not only an aid but also a taste in itself with the I Love Pilav brand. I Love Pilav, whose first store was opened in Brandium Shopping Center in Ataşehir and aims to reach 10 stores in Istanbul by the end of the year, has only 27 types of rice in its menu.

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I Love Pilav, which branded the pilaf that has been pushed to the second place until today, adds love to the pilaf, which is economical, practical, satisfying, beneficial, natural and unique to our culture, “Who doesn’t love pilaf?” says.

Aiming to turn rice into a healthy fast food product, the brand attracts great attention with its first store.


Rice is from Gönen, butter from Black Sea, buttermilk from Manyas!

The rice used in I Love Pilav is Osmancık rice, the product of a single farm in Gönen, and is not available in the market.

Butter, which is the most important element that adds flavor to rice after rice, is also the butter of the Black Sea region, which is difficult to find in the market. Ayran, which is the best drink with rice, is made from real village yoghurt from a farm in Manyas.
Most importantly, no foreign, chemical, synthetic or, in short, unnatural substances are used in rice. This makes I Love Pilaf different from other chain restaurants.


There is also rice with chicken and steam rice!

Chicken pilaf, noodle pilaf, vegetable rice, pilaf tandoori, rice cutlet, pilaf lamb sleeve, curtain pilaf, eggplant rice, Uzbek pilaf, I Love Pilav Special, Ottoman Rice, vengen rice, stuffed rice, steamed rice, wedding rice. Gathering rice variety under its roof, I Love Pilav leaves its guests indecisive. Inviting you to an extraordinary flavor feast, the brand created its menu by taking ideas from mother meals, local gourmets and conducting R&D studies.

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I Love Pilav, aiming to get ahead of local fast food industry brands in the short term, promises to offer a new type of rice to its guests every 6 months. Keeping pilaf in its plans, the brand aims to support a healthy generation with its distant attitude towards products with additives.

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