Persistent nasal congestion causes chronic diseases

Our nostril has a vital activity resembling smelling in addition to respiratory features resembling humidifying the air that permits us to breathe earlier than going to the lungs, purifying it from small microparticles resembling mud, and adjusting its temperature to the interior physique temperature.

Stating that nasal congestion happens on account of many components that stop us from respiration comfortably via our nostril with our mouth closed, Otorhinolaryngology Specialist Op. Dr. Ali Rıza Gökduman, b.Noting that this case can have many non permanent and everlasting causes, he warned that in instances the place nasal congestion is everlasting, it could possibly trigger many essential chronic diseases resembling hypertension and coronary heart diseases.

Kiss. Dr. Gökduman gave details about the causes and therapy of nasal congestion.


On the whole, everlasting nasal obstructions happen as a consequence of anatomical problems resembling deviation of the septum (interior a part of the nostril), whereas non permanent nasal obstruction is mostly seen in inflammatory and allergic situations. The curvature of the nostril or giant nasal concha, and the deterioration of the anatomical construction on account of trauma to the nostril could trigger congestion. As well as, viral infections resembling allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, chilly, flu also can trigger this drawback. Benign or malignant tumors originating from the nasal cavity, sinuses or nasopharynx, and nasal valve stenosis are among the many causes of obstruction.

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In youngsters, adenoid, presence of international physique, choanal atresia could trigger nasal congestion. In case of nasal congestion, respiratory issues could happen, in addition to the lack to scent or a change within the sense of scent, in addition to throat and mouth infections, gingival problems and recurrent oral aphthae, which happen extra continuously than regular as a consequence of pressured mouth respiration. Once more, though loud night breathing is brought on by issues resembling narrowing of the space between the tongue root and the pharynx, nasal congestion also can trigger loud night breathing or worsen the present scenario.

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With the comfort of in the present day’s know-how, the reason for nasal obstruction is clearly decided and the therapy is deliberate by evaluating the within of the nostril clearly with endoscopic examination and, if needed, imaging strategies resembling tomography and MRI. Whereas drug therapy is usually ample in allergic rhinitis and inflammatory situations, surgical procedure needs to be deliberate in instances resembling septum deviation, nasal polyps, and chronic sinusitis immune to medical therapy.

Therapy strategies could also be totally different for kids and adults. Adenoid surgical procedure is carried out in instances the place there isn’t any response to medical therapies within the presence of adenoid, which we encounter most continuously in childhood, whereas septoplasia surgical procedure is carried out within the case of nasal cavity curvature, which we encounter most continuously in maturity.

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Within the case of nasal concha dimension, which we encounter largely as a consequence of allergy symptoms in maturity, however can happen with out allergy, once more, in instances the place there isn’t any response to medical therapy, the concha radiofrequency process, which will be carried out underneath native anesthesia and doesn’t require hospitalization, will be carried out to scale back the nasal concha. In instances of nasal polyp chronic sinusitis, which we encounter much less continuously in adults, sinusitis surgical procedures, which we name practical endoscopic sinus surgical procedure, are carried out in instances the place there isn’t any response to medical therapy.

Rhinoplasty surgical procedures, which have lately turn out to be fashionable in our nation and on this planet, are additionally continuously utilized by the ENT department, with the need to right the form of my nostril whereas the sufferers are present process a ready-to-operate operation on noses with septum deviation together with nasal congestion.

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