Perseverance photographed the landing site on Mars

NASA Launched on 30 July 2020 by perseverance The (Perseverance) car efficiently landed in Jezero Crater on the purple planet on the night time of February 18, after a 7-month journey.

The landing of the Perseverance car, which can examine the geological processes on Mars, its habitability, whether or not there was life on Mars earlier than and organic traces, had a terrific influence round the world.


NASA reconnaissance car perseverance, recorded a panoramic view of Jezero Crater, the place it landed on the Martian floor.

The 360-degree panorama, created by combining 142 pictures taken by the car’s twin Mastcam-Z cameras, was revealed on NASA’s web site.

The {photograph} taken has the distinction of being the highest decision picture ever recorded on the floor of Mars.

In the {photograph}, the outlines of the delta, which is estimated to be an previous lake fed by rivers, and the slopes on the horizon could be seen.


Perseverance additionally obtained a panoramic view of itself with the digicam on it.


Perseverance, which has a chemical analyzer, 20 cameras, a rock drill to gather samples, a robotic “hand” and a tiny helicopter, is scheduled to remain on Mars for two years for exploration exercise.

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