People in Armenia blocked Nikol Pashinyan’s path

After signing the Nagorno-Karabakh settlement after the heavy defeat from Azerbaijan, ‘traitor’ The anger towards the declared Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan doesn’t subside.

Pashinyan, who visited town of Sunik in the south of the nation, near the Iranian border, earlier than the overall elections to be held, was protested by the folks of the area.


Native media reported that Pashinyan’s convoy was stopped by the offended public. Small-scale clashes broke out between the safety forces and the protesters. The offended group reacting to Pashinyan, “Go away, you don’t have any enterprise right here” used the expressions.

Pashinyan tried to depart flowers on the grave of the Armenian soldier who died in the Nagorno-Karabakh warfare final week, and he was met with the response of his relations. To Pashinyan, near the soldier “I will not allow you to” He stopped her from leaving flowers.

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan confronted the general public for the primary time in December final 12 months, following the Karabakh operation that Azerbaijan launched to liberate the occupied lands.

People in Armenia blocked Nikol Pashinyan’s path ViDEO


Pashinyan prolonged his hand to the priest in the course of the spiritual ceremony held for his troopers who died in the church. The priest, reacting to Pashinyan, didn’t give his hand, then confirmed the door and requested him to return out.

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Pashinyan had introduced that he would resign from his publish throughout the final 10 days of this month to pave the best way for early elections.

Pashinyan had been known as to resign since November final 12 months as he accredited the ceasefire brokered by Russia after Azerbaijan misplaced in the Karabakh operation launched to liberate its occupied territories.

People in Armenia wished to lynch Nikol Pashinyan VIDEO

People in Armenia cut off Nikol Pashinyan's path #2

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