Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan blames women for rapes

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan blames women for rapes

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan blamed women for the rising rape circumstances around the globe.

Han’s statements, which criticize women’s clothes kinds, prompted outrage within the nation. The ex-wife of the Prime Minister, British producer Jemima Goldsmith, was a type of who reacted to those statements.


women’s garments ‘provocative’ Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan commented ‘the seduction of males’ He stated that women ought to cowl up and conceal their physique contours to keep away from

Khan, in rape circumstances, just isn’t the person who raped, however the women who don’t put on the veil. ‘accountable’ acknowledged that.


“The idea of the veil (a form of veil) is to keep away from tempting males. Not everybody has the desire to manage their very own self.” stated Han, ‘your obscenity’ He additionally famous that it’s the product of Bollywood, Western and Hollywood movies.

In response to the information within the nation’s press, Prime Minister Han’s ex-wife Jemima Goldsmith, women’s associations and varied human rights organizations within the nation reacted to the Prime Minister’s statements.


The impartial non-governmental group, Pakistan Human Rights Fee, made an announcement on Twitter, relating to Khan’s affiliation of rape circumstances with obscenity and his statements that veiling would stop this downside. “appalled” have been reported to have been taken.

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Within the assertion, Han’s statements “unacceptable” was recorded.

Within the assertion made by the Women’s Motion Discussion board, Han’s statements have been additionally “strong and hurtful” Khan was requested to cease blaming the victims and apologize.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan blamed women for rapes #2


Han’s ex-wife, Jemima Goldsmith, additionally acknowledged that the duty falls on males and shared the next half from the thirtieth verse of the Noor Surah of the Qur’an:

“Inform the believing males to decrease their gaze and guard their chastity.”

Emphasizing that he hopes Han’s statements are attributable to a mistranslation, Goldsmith stated, “The Imran I do know stated, ‘Put a veil on the eyes of the person, not the girl.’ would say.” made statements.


Within the assertion made by the Prime Minister’s Workplace, it was acknowledged that Han’s statements relating to the rise in rape circumstances within the nation have been distorted.

Within the assertion, it was famous that part of Han’s speech was used consciously or unconsciously and this led to a unsuitable notion.

Mentioning that Han emphasised that strict anti-rape legal guidelines wouldn’t be sufficient to stop this crime from rising by itself, it was acknowledged that the Prime Minister identified that the whole society ought to battle in opposition to it collectively.

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Khan, in a TV present on April 5, really useful that women cowl as much as keep away from their temptation.

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