OXYNAZ 0.01% Pediatric Nasal Spray

Indication Data: OXYNAZ 0.01% Pediatric Nasal Spray incorporates an energetic ingredient known as oxymetazoline hydrochloride. OXYNAZ Pediatric is a drug that works by constricting (constricting) blood vessels to alleviate nasal congestion attributable to dilation of blood vessels within the nostril. It relieves congestion by constricting blood vessels within the nostril and sinuses. OXYNAZ Pediatric, within the reduction of seasonal allergic rhinitis (hay fever) or cold-related nasal congestion that develops in a short while because of the frequent chilly; It helps to evacuate secretion in paranasal sinus (brow, again of the nostril and bone cavities on either side of the nostril) illnesses and to alleviate swelling within the nasal mucosa in center ear infections.

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