Overcooked food shortens life

Though it’s stated that with the event of science, human lifespan is longer in comparison with earlier generations within the face of ailments, there are nonetheless many elements that shorten our lifespan. Our consuming habits are one of many main causes of quite a few ailments, particularly within the physiological sense. Expressing that the human lifespan is 120 years beneath regular situations, Esenyurt College Inner Medication Specialist and lecturer Dr. Mehmet Hekimoğlu stated that the food must be cooked much less.


Dr. Mehmet Hekimoğlu emphasised that when each sugar and protein in meals are uncovered to warmth, the quantity of glycotoxins, AGEs, will increase, in order that on the level the place it can’t be digested by our kidneys, first the cells after which the entire physiological system deteriorate. Saying that the physique ages sooner with the rise within the quantity of AGE, Dr. Hekimoglu, “The extra uncooked we eat, the much less AGEs enter our physique and we dwell longer, stopping attainable ailments.” stated.

Animal meals, carbohydrate meals and ready-made merchandise are the merchandise with the best quantity of AGE. Stating that the AGE price in breast milk is “0” and that it’s the most ultimate and healthiest food on this sense, Hekimoğlu continued his phrases as follows; “The extra we cook dinner our food, the extra AGEs enhance and the cells start to deteriorate. The system that invitations most cancers cells to all different ailments truly emerges on this method. For instance, for example that the quantity of glycotoxin within the meat we are going to eat uncooked is 500 mg per 100 grams. After we expose the sugar and protein within the meat to a sure temperature, it each turns into candy in style and turns brown in shade. The colour change and the rise in style there trigger a rise in AGEs. So it is extremely unhealthy and dangerous for human well being. The elevated quantity of AGE shortens human life. When diabetes and diabetes are concerned, this unhealthy state of affairs will increase exponentially. Likewise, for you, an egg breakfast could sound very wholesome. However how a lot you eat the egg per week and what number of minutes you cook dinner it’s simply as essential. So cooking is a main issue.”

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Stating that the food must be cooked as little as attainable with out exposing it to direct fireplace (barbecue, and many others.) so as to maintain the quantity of AGE at a minimal stage, Hekimoğlu stated, “Normally, we must always eat contemporary meals on time. It’s a lot more healthy to depart food a bit of uncooked. Whereas getting ready meals, we must always positively make use of lemon and vinegar. Particularly squeezing lemon on the food reduces the AGE price.” stated.

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Explaining what sort of well being issues could be skilled because of extra glycotoxin, ie AGEs in our physique, Hekimoğlu reminded that if diabetes sufferers are usually not cautious, getting older accelerates. Hekimoglu, “Usually, 90 p.c of AGEs are excreted by the kidneys. A 3rd of the remaining 10 p.c accumulates within the physique. However when you don’t take excellent care of your physique and proceed the consuming habits that enhance the quantity of AGEs far more, your physique begins to get drained. First, kidney capabilities deteriorate, and when we’ve got diabetes, all our techniques are broken. Identical to a domino, the entire physique begins to undergo one after the other. The truth is, the kidney begins to supply its personal AGE after a sure time, not to mention throwing these AGEs out. That is why we must always positively change our consuming habits earlier than all our well being is misplaced.” he stated.

Lastly, Hekimoğlu underlined that some of the essential parts of the quantity of AGE, and the sugar that we eat an excessive amount of as a society, must be paid consideration to. “In line with a research, the quantity of sugar that an individual ought to eat in a yr is 2 kilos, however as a Turkish society, this quantity of sugar consumed is 72 kilos per individual per yr. No matter refined sugar, sugar is already current in nearly every thing we eat, however on high of that, we’re a society that consumes very sugary meals. We also needs to reduce sugar, which will increase the quantity of AGE and prevents wholesome cells.” he ended his speech.

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