Object from outside the solar system is leaking gas

It is the first comet to be noticed from outside the solar system after ‘Oumuamua. 2I/Borisov, Firstly It was found on August 30, 2019.

Scientists are conducting numerous investigations to find out the place this mysterious comet got here from and to disclose what materials it is made from.


Piotr Guzi and Michał Drahus, the scientists behind the new analysis, made an surprising discovery from observations in January 2020, detecting nickel vapor in the ambiance of 2I/Borisov.

Heavy metals akin to iron and nickel are identified to exist in strong type in the inside of comets. Nevertheless, these components solely rework into gas as the comet approaches a star.

However throughout the observations, 2I/Borisov was twice as far from the Solar as the Earth was.

At this distance, the comet’s temperature is estimated to be about -93 levels Celsius. For nickel to develop into a gas, the temperature have to be 425 levels Celsius.

Subsequently, scientists have no idea how the object emits nickel gas in a really chilly setting.

Scientists, 2I/Borisov He thinks that the comet, named , interacted with one other planet or star and went out of its personal system and entered our Solar system.

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