Nutritionist: It is dangerous to take drugs to gain weight

Together with those that need to lose weight, there are those that need to gain it.

Though the variety of folks attempting to gain weight with the assistance of nutritionists is rising, there are those that do it blindly at house.

In accordance to nutritionist Laman Suleymanova, those that need to gain weight on their very own generally get critical illnesses or develop into chubby. He mentioned that the method needs to be managed and carried out in a particular program: “They usually take numerous drugs to gain weight, inject. It is unacceptable to use such strategies, particularly throughout adolescence. It can lead to critical hormonal issues. Failure to observe these guidelines can lead to gynecological and gastrointestinal issues, and even most cancers. ”

In accordance to him, it is ineffective to fear in regards to the weight of youngsters and adolescents who lead an lively way of life and haven’t any well being issues. It is essential to eat greens, to defend towards infections. For this, meat merchandise and citrus fruits wealthy in vitamin C needs to be most well-liked. The steadiness of nutritional vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates is a assure of regular weight. ”

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