Nur Viral asked, the expert answered: Nutrition recommendations for diabetics

As a visitor of the program “All the things in Life” offered by Nur Viral on Beyaz TV screens, Prof. Dr. Adnan Göçel talked about what diabetics ought to take note of when consuming.

Requested by Nur Viral “How ought to diabetic sufferers be fed?” Addressing the query, Dr. Göçel emphasised that, in all continual continual ailments, a wholesome and balanced food regimen and being energetic are important.


Recommending classical plate administration to sufferers for a wholesome and balanced food regimen, Dr. Göçel defined this technique as follows:

“The advantage of this technique is; we will all the time have in mind, there may be nothing we now have to memorize or calculate. Let’s consider every thing we eat as if we’re consuming 1 plate, Half of our plate is vegetable meals, salad. One-quarter protein. One-quarter carbohydrates. So long as we hold this stability, we eat wholesome.”

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Dr. Göçel demonstrated his assertion on the plate with the assist of Nur Viral.

Gocel stated:

“At any time when we sit right down to eat at each meal, let’s all the time carry our plate earlier than our eyes. One-quarter protein. So it may be fish, it may be hen, it may be meat, it may be cheese, it may be eggs. After we have a look at it, olive shouldn’t be protein. However olives can be put. It can be dairy merchandise. The opposite half shall be the carbohydrate aspect. So it may be bread, rice, pasta.”

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To Nur Viral’s query whether or not fruit will be added to the plate, Göçel defined that fruit ought to be thought of as a carbohydrate and that it may be added to the carbohydrate aspect with the following statements:

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“Fruit comprises fructose. Due to this fact, the two most necessary elements to think about about fruit are: We by no means drink fruit juice, as we now have stated earlier than. Freshly squeezed pomegranate juice, orange juice doesn’t profit us however hurt. As a result of once we drink 1 glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, we get all the fructose of the orange.”

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Nur Viral ,“So it is like this. Once you squeeze two oranges and drink it, you suppose it is wholesome, however we do not understand that we’re wholesome.” used his statements.

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prof. Dr. Göçel continued his statements with the following statements:

“As a result of we load excessive quantities of fructose into the physique at the similar time. Due to this fact, since the liver makes use of 95 p.c of fructose, when it is available in excessive quantities at the similar time, it turns the quantity above its capability into fats. The liver itself lubricates, lubricates our muscle groups, lubricates our insulin-secreting pancreas. In different phrases, we lubricate all our inner organs. If it will increase much more, we are going to enhance what we name the triglyceride worth in the blood.

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Thus, we each disrupt our sugar metabolism and impair cell well being. Due to this fact, if we eat the fruit, we eat the fruit itself. We sometimes eat it after dinner. However there may be one factor. We bought carbohydrates in the meal. And if we eat fruit on high of it, our carbohydrate charge will exceed one-fourth. Due to this fact, let’s eat the fruit two hours after the meal and don’t exaggerate the fruits. Even when we love one fruit, let’s not sit down and eat two oranges.”


Gocel, who made a press release about the fruits that diabetics ought to favor, stated, “We will truly favor complete fruit. Strawberries and blackberries play the least. Subsequent comes the inexperienced plum, then the inexperienced apple. Those that play the most, that’s, let’s eat much less at the similar time; Fruits akin to bananas, grapes, figs, dates, melons, watermelons, chestnuts, peaches, oranges, tangerines transfer sugar extra. The scourge of diabetics is tangerines and oranges, particularly in winter.”

Responding to Nur Viral, reminding that tangerines and oranges are shops of vitamin C, Göçel stated, “I am not saying we should not eat. However let’s not sit down and eat 2 oranges and three tangerines. Let’s sit down and eat a tangerine, eat a small orange or half a big orange. Can we love a lot? Let’s pause. Then let’s eat once more. Let’s eat half an orange, give the half to our spouse, give it to our good friend. Let’s be sharing.


The watermelon instance could be very fascinating. It’s a drawback for our diabetic sufferers. As a result of it’s low in energy, dietitians typically suggest it. There are a median of 30 energy in 100 grams. We do not get energy, however watermelon has quite a lot of potential to boost sugar. When diabetics load up on watermelon, the sugar mechanically explodes.” recorded his phrases.

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