Neuronavigation system in neurosurgery

Tumors that kind because of the uncontrolled progress of cells in the mind can unfold to different organs or trigger different neurological results if left untreated. Mind and Nerve Surgical procedure Specialist Assoc. Dr. Adnan Altun gave details about the neuronavigation system, which is a high-tech, surgery-assist system that enables us to succeed in a focused space of ​​the mind in a manner that minimizes the margin of error.


Neurosurgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. Adnan Altun gave details about mind tumors. Altun, It’s divided into two as tumors arising from the uncontrolled progress of the mind’s personal cells (major mind tumors) and tumors ensuing from the unfold of cancerous tissues to the mind tissue (metastasis). Metastases usually come up from tumors of the lung, prostate, and different organs. In each instances, the tumor growing in the restricted space of ​​the cranium compresses the mind tissue, making a mass impact and rising intracranial stress. Neurological and epileptic issues will be seen in people with mind tumors. Mind tumors happen extra usually in kids than in adults. Mind tumors in kids rank second amongst childhood tumors. he mentioned.

Stating that mind tumors are divided into benign and malignant, Assoc. Dr. Adnan Altun, “Benign tumors have a sluggish progress fee. As well as, they are often simply separated from the mind tissue and all or nearly all of them will be eliminated. Due to this fact, the postoperative outcomes are superb. Typically, if all benign tumors can’t be eliminated, regional radiation remedy will be utilized. Malignant tumors are irregular or quickly rising mind tumors and unfold into wholesome mind cells as they develop quickly. Though the remedy outcomes of those tumors differ relying on the situation, extent, and accompanying danger components of the tumor, the life span is prolonged. used his statements.

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The most typical signs of mind tumors are Altun, “Headache (particularly nocturnal complications), nausea, vomiting, double imaginative and prescient, blurred imaginative and prescient, fainting (episodes), stability and gait disturbances, numbness in the legs and arms, tingling, weak point in the legs and arms, forgetfulness, character problems, speech problems.” sorted as.

Stating that each one tumors, whether or not benign or malignant, are handled surgically, Assoc. Dr. Altun gave the next data: “Nonetheless, in some instances, surgical procedure will not be doable. If the tumor is positioned in some very important areas of the mind which are very delicate, touching these areas is life-threatening, and the tumor will be left in place. On this case, solely radiation remedy and drug remedy (chemotherapy) will be utilized.”

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