Natural remedies for cold sores:

Cold sores happen to many is a viral infection. It causes discomfort and pain in terms of appearance. So how does herpes pass? As team, we offer you natural methods for herpes treatment. You can get rid of this problem with easy methods you can apply at home.

Herpes, especially around the mouth and lips, manifests itself in the form of fluid-filled bubbles. Once you get the cold sore virus, it continues to repeat itself. In particular, fear, febrile illnesses and stress are factors that trigger herpes. Lip products and towels you use can also cause cold sores.

You can benefit from the natural methods we offer for herpes treatment.

Get rid of herpes with garlic!

Garlic is a miracle food with germicidal properties. It fights a large number of viruses. It is also extremely effective in the treatment of herpes. Cut a clove of garlic in half and place it directly on the cold sore. You can repeat this method until the cold sore is gone.

Black tea treatment for herpes

Black tea helps alleviate blisters by reducing pain caused by cold sores. Put a black tea bag over the cold sore and wait for a few minutes.

Cure herpes with milk!

The amino acid lysine found in milk accelerates the healing of herpes. From the moment the cold sore begins to show itself, you can apply milk on the sore with the help of a piece of cotton.

Use apple cider vinegar to treat herpes!

Being a food with antiseptic properties apple vinegar It is also extremely effective in treating herpes. Thanks to its acidic structure, it removes inflammation. You can apply apple cider vinegar directly to the herpes area with the help of cotton.

Treat skin problems with tea tree oil!

Tea tree oilis extremely effective in skin care. It destroys bacteria on the skin and helps to eliminate acne and acne problems. For cold sores on the lips, you can apply a drop of tea tree oil directly on the cold sore. Take care to apply this method twice a day.

Treatment of cold sores with tomato and aloe vera

A few drops of tomato juice and some for cold sores treatment aloe vera Stir the come. Apply directly on the sore. Aloe vera and tomato contain many ingredients that are beneficial for the skin and help dry cold sores quickly.

Lime has antibacterial properties!

Lime has antibacterial and antiviral properties. In this way, it helps fight herpes. To treat herpes with lemon, all you have to do is apply a few drops of lemon juice directly to the cold sore. You can get rid of herpes in a short time by applying this method three times a day.

You have learned natural methods to treat herpes.

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