Natural Hair Growth Method

Natural hair growth method When women are depressed, depressed, or decide to change, the first thing they do is cut or dye their hair. Hair care complements a woman’s self-care. Some people like their short hair while others can’t cut their long hair. If you have cut your hair and are considering growing it back, you are in the right place.
Hair, which is considered to be healthy and full, enables women to fulfill their self-confidence. Skin carecomplement hair care has always been as important as skin care.

If you have cut your hair or decided to grow it, you can have healthy and shiny hair in a short time with the formula I will give you. Grow your hair you can grow your hair naturally at home it won’t cost you.

Do not blow dry your hair as much as possible because blow-dried hair breaks quickly, its growth is delayed, these tools damage your hair more than good, so if possible, remove these tools from your life.

You can grow your hair naturally.

As a result of the formula I will give you, your hair will grow visibly within 1 month. It is a matter of attention that the bemix vials you buy from the pharmacy should smell a little and help you to do this care either on the weekend or at home.

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materialsSenna, almond oil, water and bemix onion

Preparation : It is possible to find senna and almond oil in all medicinal plants. Bemiks Bulb is sold in pharmacies and its price varies between 4-5 liras.

Boil a pinch of senna in a glass of water. After the boiling process is finished, we wait for it to cool, after the cooling process is finished, we add 1 teaspoon of almond oil and break the bemiks onion we buy from the pharmacy and pour it into the mixture we have prepared. After mixing the mixture thoroughly and leaving it ready, we need to massage the roots of our hair and feed it well. You should make this hair mask half an hour before bathing, and you cannot use the hair mask you have prepared after entering the bath.

When done regularly, you will start to feel the change in your hair. Healthy and vibrant hairYou will also see that your hair grows in a short time.

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