Natural defense against diseases: Flavonoids

Flovonoids stand out with their antioxidant and anti-inflammatories (substances that scale back irritation and edema) and have nice results particularly on most cancers and cardiovascular illnesses.

These compounds are discovered in lots of plant meals and their well being advantages are infinite, however they’re significantly identified for his or her potential in stopping illness. It needs to be borne in thoughts that no single meals works miracles or acts alone, however acts within the context of a food regimen and life-style mannequin.

There are a lot of various kinds of flavonoids. They’re metabolites produced in giant portions in vegetation and there are greater than 1000 chemically distinct flavonoid compounds. These are secondary metabolic merchandise of vegetation and phenolic compounds and have an effect on the colour, style and odor of vegetation.

The flovonoids had been initially named vitamin P, however this nomenclature was quickly discontinued as they differed significantly of their chemical formulation and performance.

The quite a few flavonoids that exist are usually categorized into six important households: flavanones, flavanols, flavones, flavonols, anthocyanidins, and isoflavonoids.


Flovonoids are discovered in lots of plant-derived meals. They’re primarily present in fruits, greens and tea leaves. They’re additionally present in flowers utilized in sure beauty merchandise.

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Here’s a non-exhaustive record of meals wealthy in flavonoids:

– Onion

– Asparagus

– Lettuce

– Cabbage

– Engineer

– Tomato

– Celery

– Broccoli

– Strawberry

– Blueberries

– Grape

– Orange

– Hazelnut

– Cocoa

– Tea

Wine and beer additionally comprise flavonoids. Nonetheless, its consumption just isn’t advisable resulting from its alcohol content material.

Natural defense against disease: Flavonoids #2


Quite a few research have been performed on the consequences of antioxidant-rich meals, and several other research present that individuals who often devour vegatables and fruits are much less more likely to develop sure illnesses. Flavonoids act as antioxidants, play an essential position in stopping oxidative harm, scale back free radicals and stop their dangerous residues.

One other outstanding function of flavonoids is their anti-inflammatory results. There are a lot of stable scientific research on this topic, each on animals and people. Additionally, its early research present that in extreme circumstances it could be helpful in stopping or assuaging the inflammatory processes related to Covid-19.

Natural defense against disease: Flavonoids #3


The helpful results of flavonoids on well being rely, amongst different issues, on the quantity consumed and the kind of flavonoid. Their construction may change with the cooking strategies of the meals containing them. The antioxidant capability of flavonoids decreases when uncovered to warmth remedies, particularly moist warmth (comparable to boiling). Cooking time also needs to be thought of. The longer the cooking time, the higher the lack of phenolic compounds.

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One other side that complicates the evaluation of their advantages is that the focus of flavonoids varies relying on the meals, and a few plant species comprise a number of varieties of these compounds. This can be a advanced challenge, provided that combos of a number of flavonoids may go higher collectively or have the alternative impact. What can also be essential just isn’t the presence of two, three, or 4 flavonoids in a selected meals, however the required dosage of every.

Alternatively, specialists warn that the contamination ranges of pesticides and different poisonous phytosanitary merchandise in meals needs to be thought of. If they’re excessive, the poisonous results are higher than the potential well being advantage of consuming that meals.

All this complexity signifies that, a minimum of for now, sure meals wealthy in flavonoids and in sure doses could be eaten to stop most cancers or coronary heart illness comparable to myocardial infarction, however this isn’t a definitive treatment. One factor is for certain; Common consumption of vegatables and fruits prevents the emergence of many illnesses.

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