NASA’s spacecraft Curiosity on Mars, viewed from satellite

The car-sized rover Curiosity has been on the pink planet since 2012, exploring the Gale crater on Mars as a part of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) mission.

The missions of the rover embody learning the Martian local weather and geology, investigating whether or not there was earlier life and water shelter on Mars, and investigating planetary habitation and whether or not humanoid exploration is feasible sooner or later.


NASA’s pink planet-orbiting Mars Reconnaissance Rover (MRO) recorded aerial photographs of Curiosity because it climbed the 5.5-kilometer-high Mont Mercou (Sarp Mountain).

The above picture was taken with the orbiter’s Excessive Decision Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) digicam on April 18.

On the time the picture was recorded, the orbiter was 269 kilometers above Curiosity’s location. This allowed the beautiful slopes of Mars to be captured in all their glory.

Curiosity reached the foot of Mont Mercou, which rose from the middle of Gale Crater in September 2014.

The Mars rover has since been climbing the mountain in query and analyzing the layered rock deposits.

mars gale crater

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