NASA’s Perseverance Rover Has Landed On Mars To Search For Signs Of Ancient Life

NASA’s Perseverance rover efficiently landed on the floor of Mars on Thursday, beginning a mission to seek out indicators of historic life on the planet.

NASA tweeted out the primary footage taken by the Martian rover from its touchdown website on Jezero Crater, which scientists imagine was as soon as a river delta. If life ever existed on Mars, scientists assume this is among the locations there could also be indicators of it. The rover is decked out with varied instruments, together with a coring drill and a ground-penetrating radar instrument, to assist reply this query.

“Essentially the most rewarding discovery I believe we might make with Perseverance is discovering a very compelling historic biosignature on Mars,” mentioned Katie Morgan, deputy undertaking scientist for the NASA mission. “Based mostly on the whole lot we find out about Mars previously, it completely ought to have been able to supporting historic life.”

NASA launched Perseverance on July 30, 2020, and it has been touring the more-than-100-million-mile journey since. The final time NASA landed a rover on the purple planet was in 2012 with the Curiosity rover. Curiosity continues to be operational and continues sending photographs from Mars, even as we speak.

One of the crucial intriguing devices on the Perseverance mission is the Ingenuity helicopter, a small flyer that shall be examined at the least 5 occasions over 30 days as quickly because the rover drives to an acceptable takeoff website. If profitable, the assessments could be the primary powered flights on one other planet, opening the door to future drone exploration on Mars.

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NASA has pursued a “Comply with the Water” technique for searching for indicators of previous life on Mars for many years, and the rover is the newest explorer on this line. Whereas previous rovers have appeared for indicators of as soon as moist and liveable websites, this mission will look instantly for indicators of life from billions of years in the past within the samples it takes from the suspected river delta it now rests on.

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