NASA releases map of Moon trees

With a purpose to observe how they are going to change in several circumstances, the American Nationwide Aeronautics and Area Administration (NASA) In 1971, he launched 500 seeds into house on the Apollo 14 mission.

The seeds, which orbited the Moon 34 instances, have been later dropped at Earth and planted in some areas within the USA, Europe, and South America.

NASA revealed the map of these crops, which it calls the “moon tree”, on the fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo 14 mission.


There are a complete of 83 of these trees, two in South America and one in Europe.


The categories of moon trees vary from crimson pines to Douglas firs, from sycamores to loblolly pines. Nevertheless, one-third of the trees that began to be planted in 1971 haven’t survived and dried up.


The Apollo 14 mission started on January 31, 1971. The astronauts landed on the Moon on February 5, 1971 and returned to Earth on February 9, after a couple of 9-hour Moonwalk.

Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell, who participated within the mission, walked on the Moon, whereas Stuart Roosa made 34 rounds in orbit with the seeds within the command module.

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Throughout the mission, the seeds have been sorted and a gaggle of seeds left on Earth for comparability.

The seeds to be despatched into house have been positioned in astronaut Roosa’s package, however through the crew’s return to Earth, the field containing the seeds exploded and plenty of seeds have been unusable.

apollo 14

NASA then handed the seeds over to the US Forest Service to comply with up till they sprout.

The wholesome seedlings coming back from house journey have been planted in several components of the world. Nevertheless, the trees planted have been forgotten after some time.

Former astronaut David Williams made the state of affairs a private matter and began a undertaking to seek out trees in 1996.

Williams, who managed to detect 22 moon trees at first, said that the quantity of trees he discovered elevated to 83 and 21 of them have died to this point. However these deaths don’t have anything to do with house journey, in response to Williams.

Earlier than we come to the tip of our information, let’s go away you alone with the photographs of some of the Moon trees at present standing on the earth.

NASA released map of Moon trees #3

NASA released map of Moon trees #4

NASA releases map of Moon trees #5

NASA publishes map of Moon trees #6

NASA releases map of Moon trees #7

NASA releases map of Moon trees #8

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