NASA discovers strange Earth-like planet

The US Nationwide Aeronautics and House Administration (NASA) introduced that it has found a strange planet that’s similar to Earth.

The planet found throughout research carried out by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in collaboration with the College of New Mexico, It was named TOI-1231b.


The planet, which takes solely 24 days in a yr, orbits the pink dwarf star and its dimensions are much like Neptune.

The planet is eight instances nearer to its star than Earth is to the solar. Nevertheless, TOI-1231b’s temperature is kind of much like Earth, as its star’s vitality is way decrease than that of the Solar.


Its ambiance is about 57 levels, making TOI-1231b one of many coldest and smallest exoplanets ever found.

Scientists conducting the analysis mentioned that there could also be water and clouds within the ambiance of the planet, which they describe as ‘strange’.

One of many researchers, Diana Dragomir, “TOI 1231b’s low density signifies that it’s surrounded by a considerable ambiance fairly than being a rocky planet. However the composition and extent of this ambiance is unknown.” mentioned.

Scientists proceed to work to carefully comply with the detected planet.

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