Mysterious lines in Russia observed from satellite

NASA researchers a number of days in the past on the Earth Observatory on the web site shared a collection of satellite photos.

Shot in September 2016, July 2019 and October 2020 Within the photographs, mysterious lines stood out close to the Markha River in Siberia.

Landsat 8 The lines drawn with the satellite will be seen clearly in all 4 seasons. Scientists, alternatively, clarify these attention-grabbing lines with two theories. Let’s take a better take a look at these theories.


Scientists can’t agree on the key of those mysterious lines. Nevertheless, in line with the primary concept put ahead, the explanation for the formation of the lines is the icy floor.

The Central Siberian plateau is roofed with frozen soil 90 % of the 12 months. The ice right here thaws and freezes once more at quick intervals. The frozen, thawed and re-freezing items of soil can type linear or round shapes.

For comparable causes, such lines have been observed in Norway’s Svalbard Islands. However these in Norway have been significantly smaller than the lines in Siberia.

Mysterious lines in Russia observed from satellite #2


USA Geological Surveygeologist in Thomas Crafford, shapes “layer cake He says it resembles patterns in sedimentary rocks often called “geology”.

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That is an impact seen when snow melts or when sedimentary rock particles crumble into clumps in heavy rain.

Pondering that this case could happen because of the flowing water after the snow melts in Siberia. Thomas Crafford He states that darker stripes characterize steeper areas and lighter stripes characterize flat areas.

Based on Crafford, this concept additionally explains why the mysterious lines are extra pronounced in winter. As a result of the buildup of white snow on the flat floor creates a lighter-colored panorama in these areas, whereas the sharp elements look darker.

NASA states that this concept can be appropriate for the panorama. However till the area is studied intently, it is going to stay considered one of Siberia’s mysteries.

There are additionally conspiracy theories

Like each mysterious occasion, conspiracy theories started to emerge relating to these lines in Russia. Many individuals already affiliate these lines with UFOs and aliens.

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