Muscle spasm. Reasons and help

There are about 640 muscle tissue within the physique, and they contract and open a number of occasions a day.

Muscle spasm is an involuntary contraction of a muscle or muscle group that’s accompanied by extreme ache. Convulsions often happen in muscle tissue the place two joints are concerned. The issue is extra frequent within the calf and again, anterior group of the thigh, particularly within the quadriceps muscle tissue of the thigh.

Endocrinologist Gulay Mammadova instructed AZERTAC: “Muscular tissues of the fingers and ft, stomach and chest are additionally topic to convulsions. Muscle cramps are extra frequent throughout operating, tennis, swimming or different bodily workouts. Convulsions also can happen whereas sitting at a pc, strolling, or sleeping.

The danger group consists of younger youngsters, folks over 65, pregnant girls, those that are chubby, those that expertise stress throughout train or work, in addition to those that take sure drugs.

Though the causes of muscle spasms are usually not identified, there are two theories about their prevalence. One group of researchers believes that when muscle tissue don’t stretch sufficient in the course of the day, they result in muscle fatigue and cramps, impaired blood circulation, and delayed supply of oxygen and glucose wanted for regular muscle operate. Resulting from self-defense, there are sudden contractions within the muscle tissue.

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In response to one other idea, convulsions are brought on by a scarcity of salts, particularly calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium ions, which the physique loses when exercising in sizzling climate or being dehydrated for a very long time. As well as, extended inactivity can result in involuntary muscle contractions.

In response to the endocrinologist, seizures often go away on their very own: “There are a variety of the way to deal with them shortly. For instance, as quickly as a seizure happens, cease shifting instantly, gently pull and therapeutic massage the muscle, and fastidiously carry the toe by hand. Throughout this motion, the knee joint ought to be totally open. If the again muscle of the thigh is cramped, the knee joint ought to be flexed.

You’ll be able to calm down a sprained muscle for a couple of minutes. The need to construct muscle can lead to a second convulsion. If the muscle continues to be tense after the seizure, it ought to be massaged, warmed and tightly bandaged.

To forestall muscle spasms, it’s best to at all times do gentle bodily workouts and muscle stretching workouts. We should not neglect a balanced eating regimen. The eating regimen ought to embrace sufficient calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. Smoking, alcohol, espresso, darkish tea, carbonated and acidic drinks, which weaken blood circulation within the muscle tissue, ought to be decreased.

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Convulsions are extreme and painful contractions of a bunch of muscle tissue, whatever the particular person’s will. There could also be only a few individuals who don’t face this drawback. Everybody experiences a muscle spasm no less than as soon as of their life, and it lasts from a number of seconds to fifteen minutes.

Concerning the causes of seizures, the physician stated: “Though sitting for a very long time, strolling an excessive amount of, exercising an excessive amount of could cause muscle fatigue, it can be an indication of some illnesses. Parkinson’s, flatulence, diabetes, hypothyroidism, some illnesses related to water and electrolyte loss, calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and B12 deficiency, circulatory problems, alcoholism, taking sure drugs (some antihypertensive, diuretic) and antidepressant drugs) could cause muscle spasms. Muscle spasms within the legs are extra frequent throughout being pregnant. The explanation for this can be a partial disruption of blood circulation within the legs, placing strain on some nerves and blood vessels of the fetus rising within the womb. If in case you have muscle cramps after exercising, warm-up workouts ought to be completed beforehand. When you’ve muscle cramps at night time, you want particular workouts for the leg muscle tissue earlier than going to mattress. Promotes muscle cramps in chilly ft. Because of this, it’s essential to maintain the ft heat or use particular heating pads.

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