Motorcyclists protest against security measures in Colombia

48 motorbike organizations gathered in the capital Bogota reacted to the security measures introduced by the Bogota Municipality.

They took motion against security measures

The demonstrators, who closed the largest road of the town to visitors, then received on their bikes and protested the selections taken by the Bogota Municipality, accompanied by intense horns.

Accompanied by the police from a distance of a span, the bikers returned to the place they began with out incident after two rounds of the road with their flags and banners.

A motorcyclist acknowledged that motorcyclists are usually not thieves and stated that they’ll proceed the motion till the Municipality modifications its choice.

Protests in the town, the place visitors got here to a standstill because of the demonstrations, ended with out incident.

justification of the municipality

Arguing that legal organizations are concerned in theft and extortion in the town through the use of bikes intensively, the Municipality of Bogota has taken choices that prohibit the motion areas of those drivers.

In accordance with the choice, it’s forbidden for 2 folks to journey on the identical time on a motorbike between 19:00 in the night and 04:00 in the morning.

However, Mayor Claudia Lopez famous that she’s going to maintain a gathering with representatives of motorbike teams to resolve the difficulty.

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In Colombia, motorcyclists protested against security measures #2

“They’re killing folks with bikes”

Lopez, in an announcement on his social media account yesterday, acknowledged that they took a collection of measures to curb excessive crime charges in the town. “Criminals do not kill folks on skateboards or bicycles, they kill folks on bikes.” had used the phrase.

Reacting to those phrases on social media, the bikers determined to protest Lopez.

In Colombia, motorcyclists protested against security measures #3

Motorcyclists protest against safety measures in Colombia #4

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