Most Popular Hair Colors 2020

We know hair; It is one of the most important factors that determine the facial expression and face of all of us, women, men, young and old. The shape and color given to the hair are important in terms of emphasizing the characteristics of the person.

Sometimes an innocent air with bangs, another day with asymmetrical cuts of a rebellious youth, a woman with jet-black hair, a wild charm with dark red hair,… Here are these small but very effective hair details that we have to pay attention to life. In this context, in addition to the information I gave you about hairstyles and little tips, I also have explanations about hair colors. We may have liked the hair color we see on TV, on the internet or on the street. However, not every hair color can fit our skin. The important thing is to look mathematically beautiful, stylish and well-groomed, and to think logically is useful. For this, we need to listen to the opinions of hair experts and experienced people who are knowledgeable about it. Maybe it’s enough to keep our hair natural or add a few shine instead of dyeing.
Should he dye the hair?

I am against dyeing the hair if there is no whites before going on to information such as which hair colors are suitable for whom and which colors should be chosen. Hair color is considered an accessory, but no accessory will do much harm if not removed. Under the title of “Ayşe Tolga Good Life Orumu”, I emphasize that dyeing hair frequently and in contrasting colors is harmful because I do not contain unhealthy suggestions and information. Today, a large part of the content of hair dyes I recommend natural dyes that want to dye a lot on naturally known hair or want to dye for aesthetic appearance. No formation, not even a single cell, can be reversed in our body. Therefore, I suggest you try to protect them from deformation and wear.
How should hair dye be chosen?

The most accurate information about hair coloring is to dye the hair to its natural color or the color closest to that color. The hair color, face shape and face best suited to the person’s skin, eyebrow and eye color are absolutely natural hair color. But I have a few tips for those who want to change their hair and try different shades and change the ambiance. For example, people with blond and pale skin should not prefer yellow and copper and pastel shades of hair dyes if possible. Otherwise, the skin will look pale and dull. When people with fair skin dye their hair blonde, they have a hard time using this hair without makeup. Instead, fair skin should opt for red, brown, black, or more vibrant, bright hair colors.
With wheat skin people They can easily use both yellow and brown tones. Also, if they make slight color changes based on the color of their eyebrows hair, they will look much more wonderful. Red tones will be much more elegant and vibrant options for those with dark skin, black and red. In this way, both the hair color does not cover the skin color and the vitality of the skin is more pronounced. After all this general information, let’s come to the trend hair colors of recent times.
Light auburn hair color

Light brown hair dyes are generally recommended for fair-skinned and brown-skinned people. The dark brown hair that we can see from time to time in dark brown people looks more artificial, less beautiful on these people. However, if you have dark auburn or dark skin color and you don’t necessarily want a light auburn hair color, you can do the hair roots and finish the ombre and soften the transition between the hue. It is also possible to lighten the color of your eyebrows slightly and add a softer air to your face.
Ashy auburn hair color

Ash brown hair color that suits people with fair skin tones is a more risky click than light brown hair. Since dark brown hair color lays on dark light glitters and sometimes the dose cannot be adjusted well. In such cases, ash brown hair color can show pale skin when used without makeup. Those who use this hair tone should not forget to apply a little eye makeup.
Dark auburn hair color

Dark auburn hair color creates a very natural and impressive look for fair skinned and wheat skinned people. The natural hair color of most wheat skinned people is dark brown. Both in our country and in the world, women mostly use hair dye and the color they want to have the darkest brown. Since the dark brown color in the hair looks naturally natural, it leaves the same effect without make-up, without make-up, summer and winter, when the roots can be camouflaged for longer.
Auburn hair color

Being a brunette and a blonde are two extremes, but being a brunette is softer, more open. Therefore, brown hair color is compatible with all skin and eye colors except dark skin. This hair color is less risky because it is more unpretentious compared to other light and dark hair colors. The lightest brown shade, the brownest hair color, can be achieved with many hair dyes at home, especially for those who dye hair at home rather than a hairdresser.
Red hair color

All these adjectives can be used for red hair color, hair claim, striking, impressive appearance and lasting impression in memories. However, it can be effective for people with skin and eye color where only the red color fits. Those who prefer red hair in hair dye are preferred to have white skin and, if possible, colored eyes. The shade of red is also very important here. The basic condition for all dark red hues from dark red to orange is light leather. Because people with dark skin or red hair do not get the effect they want. Let me state this in particular; Red hair color is unfortunately a very fast and excessively flowing hair color. Red hair colors are much shorter, while other hair colors can take a month or even a month.
Chestnut hair color

Chestnut hair color is the color most frequently used in both women’s natural hair color and color, especially in our country. Also, the color is easy to get and is ideal for those who dye their hair at home. Brown and dark skinned women look very stylish.
Copper Hair Color

Copper hair color is one of the colors that cannot be achieved easily like other light colors. As it is a mixture of red and brown, copper tones are well suited for women with fair skin and especially colored eye colors. However, getting the right shade will not be easy, it will be useful to apply by professionals in the hairdresser.
Black hair color

At some point in their life almost everyone dyed their hair or thought about dyeing it black. Black has a classic value among hair colors and is very eye-catching. Black hair color is easy to apply at home, any color can be used to cover the hair and gives a stunning vibe to the person. However, it would be more appropriate for white or brown skin to use this color, not wheat or auburn skin. White skin is more vampy and attractive when using black hair, while dark skinned skin is softer and more natural.
Eggplant purple hair color

Here we come to one of the most stunning hair colors. Eggplant purple is one of the most noticeable hair colors in which purple highlights are incorporated into black hair. Like jet black hair, eggplant purple is important for people with light or brown skin color. I suggest those with very dark skin to avoid eggplant purple.
Red-purple hair color

This hair color is a few shades of aubergine purple. However, red-purple can be used with almost all skin colors, but again leaves a more striking impression on fair skin tones.
Caramel Brown Hair Color

Caramel brown is a hair color that everyone can use except for dark skin. Especially when the hair color is dark, caramel brown tones are formed on a very stylish and bright look. However, caramel brown is a darker hair color because it is neither exactly dark nor light.
Blonde hair color

Although we cannot see natural yellow in our country, most of the women dye their hair in full yellow or yellow tones at some time in their lives. However, men also have an incomprehensible sense of admiration for blonde-haired women. This, the hair-worthy effect of street women is seen in the form of dyeing yellow. However, in order for a person to be close to nature and attractive to the yellow color of a woman’s skin color, it must be white or light brown. Using blonde hair that does not create the desired effect even on normal brown skin can lead to bad results. However, for dark skinned, brunette women are also very attractive, attractive hair colors.
Akaju Brown Hair Color

Akaju brown is not well known, but it is a hair color that has been used recently. Brown, black and red combined, the sparkling state is actually called akaju coffee. You may not be able to get the color of your own hair at home, but after dyeing this color at the hair salon, you can pick up and dye hair color brands. Again, it should be noted that women with dark skin, not white or auburn, should prefer achaju brown.
Cinnamon copper hair color

It is a hair color that creates a legendary effect on people with fair skin and especially colored eyes. Cinnamon copper, a hair color that should be avoided by dark people, unfortunately does not have the same effect on everyone.
Gray hair color

Gray hair color, which has been very fashionable for adolescents and young people in recent years, gives a very attractive and different beauty. One of the most positive aspects of gray hair color is that each color matches the skin. Yellow, brown, or even black hair color can be put into hair color, even in the form of hair. You should try gray hair color at any age, on every skin, on every face.
Honey foam hair color

A mix of brown and light auburn hair color, honey foam is a radiant and vibrant hair color. Honey foam hair color; It is not a very nice color with dark skin, which is very suitable for brown, fair skinned people. However, although it cannot be achieved by home dyeing, the mousse shades desired by professionals can be obtained at hairdressers.
Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Chocolate brown hair is the most suitable hair color for dark brown and dark brown hair. Chocolate brown hair color is also important with its bright and lively appearance and long-lasting feature, more elegant posture in adult women.
Marsala Hair Color

This hair color is dark dark tones. Like red and dark red hair colors, marsala hair color is more suitable for people with fair skin. Popular for the last few years, marsala hair color is preferred by movie stars and singers.
Almond Brown Hair Color

Almond brown hair color is very suitable for people with fair skin and colored eyes. However, when it is not permanent the color flows through the hair. Therefore, it needs to be renewed frequently.
Dore hair color

The dore hair color, which looks so beautiful on white and light brown skin, looks very bright, lively and radiant. However, it may not be ideal for everyone because it is a hair color that needs to be refreshed frequently.
Nutshell hair color

The nutshell hair color is a color that is a mixture of light brown and light brown. It suits all people with light or dark skin. It is especially beautiful when embellished with light shades when brighteners are added. It is often preferred in adulthood and elderly people.
Mysterious black mulberry hair color

Mysterious black mulberry hair color is a few shades of marsala color. This purple color can be used elegantly on almost all skin colors. In particular, bright shades give the skin a radiant appearance.
Icy Chestnut Hair Color
All hair colors in chestnut shades are suitable for women with fair and dark skin. But the darker the skin, the better it is to make the chestnut tone a little lighter. This prevents the skin from looking dark. The icy chestnut hair color is the shade of red bright dark brown. Suitable for both home application and dyeing in the barber shop, the color is very permanent compared to many hair dyes.
Dark peach hair color

Dark peach hair color is an assertive color with a mixture of red and pink. Light brown or white skinned women will look good on this color hair. However, it should be painted at frequent intervals as it flows and fades in a very short time.
Light peach (light pink) hair color

Light pink hair color suitable for people with white skin is quite unusual and striking. Especially in Europe, pop and movie stars prefer light pink hair color in recent years. However, I must emphasize that people with fair skin should use eye color and lip makeup while using this hair color. otherwise they will look lifeless and pale.
Iced Brown Hair Color

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